List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Interface

A reference archive of previously suggested threads related to Interface. This thread is a document for everyone to see and check before they create a double post on an already discussed idea.

IMPORTANT: If you find something previously suggested/discussed that is not on this list and should be, please PM the Suggestion Moderators and let them know!

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xBTipiN.png Interface xBTipiN.png


  • Add “Camera Shake” bars separatelly【Suggestion
  • Add a preference option for camouflage auto-selection【Suggestion
  • Add ability to drag selection【Suggestion
  • Add an Option to Highlight Shell Trajectory/Impact in Replays【Suggestion
  • Add penetration analysis to Replays【Suggestion
  • Add Republic of China Emblem【Suggestion
  • Add the ability to consume several boosters at once【Suggestion
  • Add tutorial for Flare/Chaff【Suggestion
  • Artificial Horizon for 3rd Person View【Suggestion

  • Camera zoom angle rework for aircraft【Suggestion
  • Choose torpedo mode in-battle【Suggestion
  • Custom Default settings【Suggestion
  • Custom National Insignia of All Majors and Minor nations【Suggestion

  • Differentiate named between guns【Suggestion
  • Displaying Armor Thickness Modifier in Hangar【Suggestion
  • Display the BR range of a match【Suggestion

  • Keybind to halt automatic reloading【Suggestion

  • Light Up Relevant Details in Naval for Crosshair Lighting Option【Suggestion

  • Map ban/like/dislike presets based on BR【Suggestion
  • Make each vehicle type have different settings for HUD/UI【Suggestion
  • More in-depth info about transmission【Suggestion

  • Option for the Radar scan zone to span the entire Radar screen【Suggestion

  • Pre-flight info (weather, temperature etc.)【Suggestion

  • Revised look on “Battle” mode HUD【Suggestion

  • Separate measurement Units for Air, Ground, Helicopters, and Naval【Suggestion
  • Separate Measurement Units for Targeting Pod【Suggestion
  • Sequential weapon selection and priority system【Suggestion
  • Shell Simulation in Protection Analysis Should Account for Bullet Drop【Suggestion
  • Show low ammunition notice before queueing up【Suggestion
  • Show mass on aircraft statcards【Suggestion
  • Show selected mission target on the map【Suggestion
  • Standardize Missile Icon【Suggestion

  • Vehicle stat cards should reflect top rather than stock rounds【Suggestion
  • Visualized Game After Action Shot Report【Suggestion

  • Weapon camera displayed in HUD for Air-to-Surface guided weaponry【Suggestion




  • “Expert Crew” & “Ace Crew” symbols on aircraft SbYRK5D.png
  • “Spade” and “Talisman” icons in the tech tree 【 Suggestion

  • Ability to jettison missiles/secondary weaponry 【 Suggestion
  • Ability to move the “Target Destroyed” notification 【 Suggestion
  • Ability to turn ingame chat off SbYRK5D.png
  • Ability to use both TAS and IAS 【 Suggestion
  • Add “send to holiday” to vehicle pop-up menu 【 Suggestion
  • Add a damaged skin preview in the hangar 【 Suggestion
  • Add a key for an advanced controls rose 【 Suggestion
  • Add more UI Scaling options【 Suggestion
  • Add the ability to name presets and display their battleratings SbYRK5D.png
  • Add the ability to track quests SbYRK5D.png
  • Add the ability to transistion between vehicles when looking at the modification screen 【 Suggestion
  • Add the Battlerating in the vehicle tree 【 Suggestion
  • Add the Complain feature to replays SbYRK5D.png
  • Addition of a basic “stat card” for Individual radars 【 Suggestion
  • Ammo shows what is what when you hover over it SbYRK5D.png
  • Artillery uses a map instead of 3rd person SbYRK5D.png
  • Auto Squad with team when you join a game SbYRK5D.png

  • Battlerating display in hangar SbYRK5D.png

  • Change “To Battle”-button to “Ready”-button when in a squad SbYRK5D.png
  • Colourblind players support SbYRK5D.png
  • Crew Qualification Indicator when Choosing planes SbYRK5D.png

  • Darker playertags in battle SbYRK5D.png
  • Different colored markings for Ace and Expert crews 【 Suggestion
  • Display BR instead of Rank in tree/squadron interface
  • Display of friendly artillery fire on the map 【 Suggestion
  • Display the crew its improvement per skill improvement SbYRK5D.png
  • Display the explosive mass for aircraft torpedoes 【 Suggestion

  • Indicator for complete / incomplete modification research SbYRK5D.png

  • Lateral Construction Angle Display 【 Suggestion

  • More information about thermal sights for tanks 【 Suggestion
  • More options for Engine Controls 【 Suggestion

  • Option to apply one decal pattern to all camouflages 【 Suggestion
  • Option to Fire One or All Main Artillery Weapons for Large Vessels 【 Suggestion
  • Option to hide the capture point floating diamond 【 Suggestion

  • Pivot Turning for Keyboard users SbYRK5D.png
  • Protection Analysis for Aircraft 【 Suggestion
  • Protection Analysis for Naval Vessels【 Suggestion

  • Remove the radar display when radar is off 【Suggestion

  • Scrollable “Titles” list 【Suggestion
  • Size adjustment buttons for mini-map SbYRK5D.png

  • USA/British flag in language menu SbYRK5D.png

  • Weapon selection for ships similar to tanks 【Suggestion




  • Add ability to hold port and starboard directions when sailing ships【Suggestion
  • Adding an indicator telling you how many teammates are spawning at which spawn point【Suggestion
  • Additional colorblind support by providing options for text color【Suggestion

  • Differentiating Enemy AI Aircraft Marking Color against Enemy Players’ Aircraft 【Suggestion

  • Revamping secondary armamments menu【Suggestion