Hold Port or Starboard Buttons

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(This post is a Repost of this thread in the Old Forum)

This suggestion is to have a keybinds available (say, Alt+A/Alt+D) to set the rudder to hard port or starboard and hold it there until disengaged (either by tapping another rudder instruction or press the same keybind again to disable). This feature has been available in World of Warships since launch and with WT aiming to get ever bigger warships, it is quickly becoming a pain to having to hold A or D for almost half a minute or more to perform a turn as you multitask to fire back at enemy or continue navigating.


It would be nice to have WoWS’ autopilot function as well, it would be very useful when using a scout plane to prevent your ship from YOLOing out into the open if you get involved with flying.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.