Proposal of Differentiating Enemy AI Aircraft Marking Color against Enemy Players' Aircraft

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Currently, there are certain moments where we need to look around to see whether the enemy aircraft is either AI or a player during dogfighting/engaging to ensure the enemy surrounding us can be ignored or not, which sometimes leads to significant problems where we miss the moment to take a shot or killed by the aircraft which we thought it was AI, but turns out it was actually player if we did not look around to identify.
Due to these reasons, I would like to propose changing the color of AI aircraft and player’s aircraft to allow us to easily identify whether the enemy aircraft that surround us are AI or player.

Figure 1: Changing the color of the AI attackers to yellow as an example in the mini-map. This will allow us to differentiate enemy aircraft (e.g. segregating the A-4b (AI) and Su-25(Player) by having different color)

Figure 2: Changing the color of the AI attackers to yellow as an example during combat

If this proposal is accepted, I believe that our quality of life in air realistic battle will be improved and we can minimize losing focus when we are forced to distribute our focus by looking around, allowing us to have an ideal dogfight.


+1 supported from me


+1 Can’t tell you how inconvenient it is to lose focus because a dot appears right behind me… only for it to just be AI


+1 I need this change now, as it will also help combat players who disguise themselves as AI by leaving their names blank


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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