Information on when did the player last logged in

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(This post is a complete Repost of this thread in the Old Forum)

Ever accepted a friend request from someone in a match and months later you forgot who they are and want to do a clean up of your friends list and don’t know if you are potentially removing someone that was active and could potentially be your teammate again? I therefore suggest for something to display when you check on their profile to indicate how long ago it was since they last signed onto the game. It doesn’t have to be specific down to the date/hour, but can be “less than a day ago”, “a day ago”, “a week ago.”, etc. before ending on “Haven’t Logged in A While” or something to indicate they have been inactive for some time. This allows you to more accurately judge the person’s activity level in the game more than simply “online” or “offline” or the dreaded and ever-mysterious “Unknown.”

For those that don’t want to give info to people about their activity status, there should be an option to opt out of this.


+1 Would be great to have this, especially with the limit on the friends list.

This is a mechanic that NEEDS to be in the game interface,
Gamer Squadron House Keeping also shares the same problem and is currently a nightmare trying to sort out the actives from none-actives.


Also should tell you if they’re banned as well.

My friendslist needs a sanity check as it’s been full for years, and I just clear out who I haven’t seen for ages manually to add players who I deem to be hopeful.