Additional colorblind support by providing options for text color

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Most warnings and a couple of other texts are displayed in red and depending on the background this can make the text very difficult to read.

I have protanopia which means that I see reds less well and having text in red can make it difficult for me to read. That said, I have heard from others without colour-blindnesses that they also have difficulty reading it after asking for help on Reddit.

For me in particular as a player of ground RB I have the most trouble with the damaged components text, but there are more instances of red text:

  • Damaged components text (first image)
  • Artillery warnings
  • High max engine RPM (second image)
  • Other warnings I imagine; I don’t know all of them

This issue is not limited to simply making it less comfortable to read text, but can also have consequences. For example, I have had occasions with artillery where I did not see the warning and got killed by it later. Another example is not being able to read the damaged components text to see whether the gunner/commander has been killed and thus peeking the opponent while they might still be able to fire.

There are several ways this issue could be resolved, but two possible suggestions are as follows:

  • Provide the text with an opaque background and allow players to set the colour of this background (red text on a dark background worsens the issue for me)
  • Allow players to set the text colour themselves similar to what has already been done with team colours

A similar suggestion was also placed on the old forum, but it has been 4 years since it was passed to the devs without this changing, which is why I am reposting this here on the new one:
Old forum post

Damaged components text
High max engine RPM


I’m somewhat surprised something like this isn’t already in game to be a bit more accessible for users.

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This suggestion should be incorporated into the game immediately.
I have a close player friend who is also colorblind and cannot see red, so I hope this suggestion will be implemented for your sake, my friend’s sake, and for the sake of other colorblind players. +1 from me.

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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