Separate Weapon Crosshair and Bombs CCIP Colour

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There is an in game function which allows you to change the colour of your crosshair, but when you swap it it also swaps the colour of your Bombs CCIP marker colour, it can be quite tricky to see the marker of the bomb on the ground and multiple times during the game its needed to swap back and forth between colours just to be able to play properly,

Due to some vision disparities its really tricky for me to look at the ground and see the marker there, swapping between black and white many times during the game and ending up dying due to be in menus and not flareing or looking around to see enemy while getting ready for bombing.

I`d like to be able to have it in separate options so that id see the Weapons Crosshair with one colour and the CCIP Bomb Colour with another colour instead of just 1 option for both.