Map ban/like/dislike presets based on BR

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A Quality of life feature that would be nice is a preset system for your map preferences
(bans/dislikes/likes) as these may change depending on many factors such as your BR, nation and vehicles in your lineup. With the ever increasing map pool it can be tedious to change your map preferences each time you wish to change your lineup.

For example lets say i have switched from a 5.3 lineup to a 11.0 lineup on ground RB if i want to set my match preferences i have to manually go in and select all the maps i want and don’t want depending on what i feel like playing for this lineup of vehicles(small maps, big maps, towns or fields, to name a few) and also because each map has a BR range i would have to consider what BR I’m in. if I’m playing 5.3 i don’t have to worry about Red Desert or Pradesh for my preferences as they are 9.7+ while in 11.0 i do.

Further this system could work along side the current vehicle preset system where your vehicle presents could have a preferred maps preset alongside it which would automatically change when you select this preset.

However as to not add extra work for players who don’t care about map preferences a default map preference preset which would work how the system works currently should not affect these players.

While what maps i get don’t make or break my enjoyment of the game i defiantly like some maps more than others at different BRs and with different vehicles. But sometimes i find its not worth switching my preferences around so most of the time i don’t bother. But this system would make switching BRs or nation or vehicles a bit better in my opinion.


Hell yes! One of my favourite maps for low to mid tiers is advance to the Rhine and that map fucking suuuuuucks at high brs


yeah that map is probably one of my least fav top tier maps. is very smol. finland is also like this, pretty decent map at mid to low tier but top tier its a pain.