Export/import graphical settings

War thunder has a lot of settings and even has some presets for those settings but what I want to see in the game is the ability to save my own presets.

Note: *1 *2 *3 *4 refer to markings in images below.

Why is this beneficial?

Here are some of the uses for this:

1.Turning down(or off) some settings such as grass you may get an advantage over other players in Ground battles. That is simply a MUST! However when you play Air or Naval battles afterwards they may look bland.
2. You don’t want your PC to overheat while you play so you turn down the graphical settings BUT you want to take a screenshot or record a cool scene from a replay and you want it to look good.
3. Playing on a different device, you may want to have your usual settings. Simply copy the preset file and save it onto your other PC.

If you are able to save your own CUSTOM presets and load them, you can change presets between games with just a few clicks!

Some changes may require you to restart the game but that is fine. What is NOT fine is having to change every single setting whenever you wish to change the game mode.

So how would this look?

Exactly the same as how importing and exporting controls settings works. You open the settings and on the bottom you have two buttons. One (*1) for export (save) and one (*2) for import (open).

In case you do not know how import/export works: Once you have finished setting up your options, you simply click “Export to file” (*1) and then you see a file browser open as seen in the second image.

You can save the presets under any name you want, for demonstration purposes and ease of understanding I used: “AirAndNaval, Ground, Performance, Quality” (*3 and *4) as names.

It is recommended to use names that are self explanatory so even if you forget what name you used, you will know by simply reading the name again.

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