Adding a marker on your personal Map when you select a Bombing Target

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When you Select a Bombing Target With SWITCH MISSION BOMBING TARGET button, you toggle between existing bombing targets that are live in the mission:
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My Suggestion would be put down a visible map marker for your own personal map to that specific Bombing Target you selected so that it is visible on your map.

Below a crude example I made with Paint, indicating marked bombing target with a BLUE STAR overlaying the enemy Base.

Any Early Coldwar Era or earlier bombers would highly benefit from this, although for many of these aircraft GPS would not yet been invented, for Vietnam ERA planes with Internal Navigation Systems can somewhat accurately allow their pilots to know their location.

This Marker on your Personal Map would indicate to your pilot that which bombing target you have selected. As this would be highly realistic as to simulate getting pre-flight briefing for where your targets are and which one you have selected and actually going for in your current sortie.

Obviously Since 3D markers exist on Realistic and Arcade Battles, This would allow Simulator / Enduring Confrontation players to have better idea where their targets are.

With Tools like these bombers that are slowly getting added like F-111A Aardvark would highly benefit, as well as cold war era bombers and attackers like Tu-4, IL-28, YAK-28, Tu-14, B-29, B-57, Buccaneer, Jaguar, A-4, A-7, F-4, Su-7, Su-17 and many many many many others.

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IRL you have your missionbiefing and know what targets what resemble - this is not ingame making CCRP a wild guess game and impossible to use on planes without HUD.