"Click and lock" feature for Radars

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When playing the game, especially high-tier air and ground battles, there are often times where there are multiple enemy contacts on your radar but you want to select a specific one. You have two options, either spam the target selection key until it selects the correct target (doesn’t even happen sometimes) or use manual radar targeting controls. Hoever, when using manual control, you lose the ability to quickly lock on targets when only a single is visible on your radar and you require additonal keybinds.

The solution to this is simple! The “Click and lock” feature for radars.

Just like its name says, you can use your mouse cursor to click and lock on a contact on your radar without the need for additional keybinds while still keeping the advantages of automatic radar targeting.


+1, this would make it much easier to lock up targets, I’d like to see this for all radar types.

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This would be so useful +1

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Yeah would like this +1

I agree with this. +1

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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