Adjust the "Tracks" modification text to make it clear it's not just flavour text, and emphasize its impact

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Please expand the description of the “Tracks” modification to emphasize its impact on tank acceleration and steering for better new/returning player experience.

This can be done either:

  • with a new item in the modification stat block,
  • better delineation of the flavour text and mechanical impact for the grey text on the top as currently it mixes the two
  • finally the introduction of a tooltip for the specs that explains what “traction characteristics” is meant to represent.

As of present, the tracks modification is presented in such a way that makes it appear as an insignificant upgrade you can delay well into your order of essentials.


Looking at this, my impression is that it improves mobility on slopes if your tank begins to slide and makes you harder to get tracked.

However, after a moment of suspicion I decided to google the tracks modification specifically and had come to learn that “traction characteristics” significantly impacts the tank’s steering capability - something that had been giving me nightmares on the firefly as I beelined for transmission and engine so it’d feel better to play.


I have went and consulted the wiki to see if there might be any information on the matter, and a cursory first-google page search yielded the following pages:

None of which elaborates on what the tracks do for tank handling.

Searching for “Traction Characteristics” rather than “Modifications”, “Upgrades” or “Tracks upgrade” yields no wiki results and searching the wiki directly provides nothing of use, either

Why this change is good for the game:

Warthunder can be a very challenging experience for new players as few if any games present similar systems and mechanics.
Minimizing the barrier to entry by making the impact of modifications less opaque will improve experience, and therefore enjoyment leading to better player retention.


Omw, I’ve always left it for last thinking those stats sucked compared to all the other stuff.

+1 wish I knew sooner.

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