Separate measurement units for Air, Ground, Helicopters, and Naval

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I would like to have to the option to set different measurement units for the 4 different vehicle types:

  • Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Ground vehicles
  • Ships

The measurement units are:

  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • Climb speed
  • Temperature

Even though not all measurement units are applicable to all vehicle types, changing the ones that overlap is quite important.

For example I’d love to have km/h for speed and km for distance for ground vehicles but mph speed and nm distance when flying aircraft, and then back to km/h for speed, meters for altitude, and km for distance when flying helicopters.

Also the knt speed option exists for Naval players but it’s a hassle to have to change it every time.


  • km/h = speed in kilometers per hour (most common unit in russian aircraft)
  • mph = speed in miles per hours (most common unit in western aircrafts)
  • nm = distance in nautical miles (most common unit in western aircrafts)
  • ft = altitude in feet (most common unit in western aircrafts)
  • knt = speed in knots (for ships and naval units)


Current measurement units option page

Also something that frustrates me is the fact that the altitude setting (feet for me) is being used to measure distance in the targeting camera for helicopters and aircraft instead of the distance setting (which I have set to km).

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