Differentiate between different calibers in the HUD

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The problem:

In the HUD, every single machine gun with a caliber below 15mm is displayed as “MG”. There’s a lot of tanks, helicopters and planes that have a mixed LMG and HMG armament, and I think it’s safe to say that there’s quite a difference between a 7.62mm light machine gun (LMG) and a 12.7mm M2 Browning heavy machine gun (HMG). The same problem exists when there’s different sizes of cannons as well. And whenever you want to see which ammo pool is connected to which gun, you have to open the tactical map and hover over your vehicle to figure which armament has which MG pool in the HUD, and it can get even worse after you’ve shot a few salvos. Another potential issue is in the gamemodes where you get to spawn in a vehicle you might not necessarily own(naval, ABGF etc.) where you can’t even use the tactical map to make the armaments out!

My solution:

It should be displayed right in the HUD by separating these calibers with their own labels.

Anything smaller than a typical HMG caliber, 12.7mm(.50 cal) should be displayed as a LMG in the HUD. And vice-versa, anything bigger than that up to 15mm should be displayed as a HMG.

Example from the H-81A2, where there’s no distinction between the the 7.62mm(.30 cal) and the 12.7mm (.50 cal):

What I suggest instead is:
And in the case for cannons, perhaps just print out the size or the name of the gun? As there’s no real word to differentiate between smaller and bigger cannons of these sizes without it being too confusing.


(idea initially suggested by @Jareel_Skaj in the first thread on the old forum)
Just outright replace “MG” & “CNN” with the caliber of the gun or its name? Like this (Yak-9UT as an example):

23mm (NS-23) (tab) 80
20mm (2 x B-20S) (tab) 240


45mm (NS-23) (tab) 29
20mm (B-20S) (tab) 170

That way it’d solve the problem with planes that, for example, have 20mm and 30mm cannons or other set of different calibers but within the same category(CNN in this case). And it’d also clarify in case you have different variants of a gun of the same caliber, like the Yak-9P which can be fitted with 1xB-20M + 2xB-20S 20mm cannons.


+1, I think the second suggestion makes the most sense purely because there are many aircraft in game that have more than one calibre of cannon. MiG-15, Ta 154, Ki-84 and so on.

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+1 to the second suggestion, obviously ;) :D

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Good suggestion, there’s also the topic of differentiating between guns of same calibre (e.g. Me-262 with simultanously equipped 103/108 cannons of same calibre).


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