Add "Refit Year" to Applicable Coastal Vessels

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Add “Refit Year” to Applicable Coastal Vessels

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Giving refit years to some coastal vessel names.

In War Thunder, all Bluewater ships are given a refit date, for example Clemson-class, USS Litchfield (DD-336), 1936. This allows players to understand the capabilities of the ship at a glance (ie later year = better aa), and also report any historical issues more easily (ie incorrect model, weaponry, armour, etc.).

However, for Coastal ships, only 2 vessels have a year listed, the two Italian Gabbiano-class corvettes, Gabbiano and Folaga. I would like all applicable vessels to have their refit year listed.

Some ships, especially very small ones, only went through their career in a single configuration, but I think it is still good to give them a refit year even if it’s just the year of completion. If the exact refit year of the in-game configuration is unknown, the earliest known year of it with that configuration can be shown instead.

There are also some vessels that are “generic” examples of their class, like the G-5 or S-38b, as such they wouldn’t be able to have a refit year as they’re not specific ships.

Some examples for each nation:
PT-59: 1943 - Converted to gunboat.
USS Douglas: 1973 - Refitted with ship-ship missiles.
Drache: 1944 - Refitted with 88mm guns (TBH I’m not sure on this).
Karl Marx: 1962 - Modernized with new ASW weaponry.
USSR: - Note: most coastal ships in the USSR tree are “generic” ships.
TKA-106: 1943 - As built. Re-numbered in 1944 to TK-412.
Groza: 1943 - It actually has a refit year listed in its code which you can see on the wiki.
Great Britain:
MTB-422: 1943 - Transferred to Royal Navy.
HMS Whitby: 1956 - As built. Refitted at some point, aft twin Bofors replaced with single mount.
Syonan: 1944 - I have no knowledge of WW2 Japanese ships but Shimakaze Chan says this.
JDS Isuzu: 1961 - As built. Later on had the Weapon Alfa removed for actually effective ASWRLs.
MC 485: 1954 - Renamed to MC 485.
Saetta: 1966 - Refitted immediately after commissioning to test Nettuno ship-ship missile .

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