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In Naval battles, there are many cases and situations where one would prefer to have as fast torpedoes as possible, as having slow torpedoes while being close to each other, and a slow torpedo would not be reliable and many times be pointless to use. But there are also cases and situations where the enemy is far away, mabye not moving at all and you don’t want to approach the ship since it is presumably a battleship or similar, then a torpedo capable of reaching further would definitely be preferred.

The problem we have now, and the reason for this proposal, is that the only way we have to change these settings is to go into the modifications on the ship while in the hangar and uncheck “Torpedo mode” if you want to change the speed and range on the torpedoes. In addition, we do not get all the potential settings the torpedoes have, as I know in the data on the two torpedoes below, which could be set in quite a few more modes/settings.

Not all torpedoes can do this, but it should be available for those that can

Example of an torpedo wich has multiple modes
X torpedo runs at 50kmh and can reach a distance of 10.000 Meter
The same torpedo is turned up to 65kmh and reaches a distance of 7.000 Meter
The same torpedo is turned up to 80kmh and reaches a distance of 5.000 Meter

Data from two torpedoes i found a time ago

Whitehead Model VII
-Dimensions: 45cm x 5,30 m
-Weight: 661 kilograms
-Warhead: 100 kilograms
Speed & ranges:
42.5kn/1000 metres
38.8kn/1500 metres
35.4 kn/2000 metres
30.7kn/3000 metres
26.7kn/4000 metres

Whitehead Model VIII
-Dimensions: 45cm x 5,2 m
Weight: 734 kg includen net braker
Weight: 724 kg without net breaker
Warhead: 100 kilograms
Speed & ranges:
44kn/1000 Meters
39-40kn/2000 metres
26.5kn/6000 metres

Torpedo specification sources



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I totally agree. +1

Two random italian torpedoes

Photos taken from Caproni  Ca

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