Tracking Nuclear Strikes - Proposal and Implementation Idea

Hello ladies and gents,

Have you ever found yourself curious about the number of nuclear strikes you’ve executed in War Thunder, only to realize it’s difficult to keep an accurate count thus can’t flexing on your fellow buddies? I propose a solution to address this issue. (I know it’s a bad photoshop)

When considering implementation, we must think how developers might integrate this feature smoothly into the game. To counter this challenge, I’ve thought of two “potential” solutions:

  1. Develop a system where the tank that gains the highest spawn points during a battle receives a +1 increment in its statistics, indicating it was the vehicle used to deliver the nuclear payload.
  2. Alternatively, consider a mechanism where when a player ejects or their vehicle is destroyed to activate the nuclear strike, the tank from which they ejected receives a +1 on the stat card.
  3. Lastly, every vehicle that have been played with in a match (for example even if it contributed 100 sp) will get +1 in statcard.

Thoughts or improvements?

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While I would like to see this in-game, it would be nice if there were a toggle option in the settings to turn it on and off. That way, the interface doesn’t become too cluttered.


Yeah may be useful but many people(like me) have never even seen the nuke, let alone dropped it

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I’ll probably never get to drop one but sure, why not.


+1 but i would much rather seeing in the player stats section (i mean the part where all the total battles and kills and stuff is located) a number indicating how many nuclear bombs you have dropped in total

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i like this, but i don’t think it should be a part of vehicle stats.
i have a few times used a vehicle to get like 8-9 kills in GRB and then spawned in as a second vehicle that brought me up to the needed spawn points for a nuke, having the nuke stat as a vehicle specific stat would then be misleading.

you could give the stat to the vehicle that gained the most points in that match, but i’m not sure i like that either. i would much rather see it on the player stat card together with the victories/ground kills/air kills/playtime etc.

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I think that it would be a better idea to classify dropped nukes via nation instead of per vehicle etc. This is because battle ratings, multiple spawns and vehicle lineups would make this a hard metric to track precisely. What does stay consistent however is the nation which you used to get the nuke, which would give a simple metric to easily track on a profile.

Would definitely love to see this implemented though. +1

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nuke counter need to be added