Improved Rocket CCIP

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Improve Rocket CCIP For Applicable Aircraft

CCIP, or constantly computed impact point, allows aircraft to fire their unguided weapons with relative precision. In the game, the HUD elements in use are often missing or lackluster. So, I am proposing an improvement to the 3rd person HUD of all aircraft with ballistic computers and unguided rockets.


Is an example of the third person heli hud. As you can see, the very large targeting pip lacks any level of precision for aiding in unguided rockets. The CCIP indicator for the rockets also lacks much precision.


By contrast, the SU-25BM’s HUD has a much more precise indication of the target’s position (the cross pip) and shows the rocket pip as well (bullseye).

So, I would like to see a version of this added to all aircraft with unguided rockets and a ballistics computer. It would improve the precision of unguided rockets and is much more realistic than the massive and imprecise HUD elements currently represented in-game.