In-game chat translation system

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Hello. Forum friends.

I suggest a translation system for in-game chat.

Currently, War Thunder has players from many different countries. In-game chat is conducted in the language of each country.
However, there are times when the team must work together.

There were many cases where we wanted to request help from our teammates, but we didn’t understand each other’s language and failed to work together.

quick chat is also useful. However, if you want to communicate something more precisely to the other person, you still need words.

Some games have implemented an automatic chat translation system.It should be possible to incorporate an automatic translation system in War Thunder.

The idea I have in mind is to add a translate tab to the in-game chat. When you open the tab, you will be able to choose the language of each country. Once the language is selected, the words in the chat will be automatically translated.

Or there is also an option to turn on/off the auto-translation feature for chat in the game settings.
This option would eliminate the need to operate the translation tab during games and would be more comfortable.

This would be a good addition to improve communication skills in the game.
If you have ideas for a translation feature for in-game chat, please comment.
I am not good at processing images. If you can create an image for the translation feature, I would welcome it.


Absouletely, I was facing issues with communicating with Chinese and Russian dudes.


Completely agree. It’s really annoying to see Slavic players speaking but not knowing what the hell to do in response

+1, but please optimize it, I can see this making the game stutter while it’s trying to translate the chat.

Would be great. Often see Russian/Chinese players communicating in all chat (Cross teams) and Im always dubious whether or not they are communicating important info, especially in SB where people try to enforce PvE lobbies

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.