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At the current moment in time, Ripple mode has a limited preset of options, 2,4,8,16 & S. This is fine for some situations, but a little limiting in others.

My suggestion is pretty simple. increase the number of options available within the mode. At minimum, for all available presets found within “Bomb Series” needs to be added to Ripple, but I think it should be more than that.

The first key addition, is to change Ripple mode from Exponential increases to a linear increase (I.e +2 increments, so 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16…)

This would allow for great control mid flight and enable ripple mode to be of more benefits. Notably for times when you dont need one of the current bomb amounts to destroy a base. For example, it currently takes 6x Mk83 bombs to destroy a top tier base, this amount is achievable via bomb series, but bomb series has its own limitations, such as the lack of ability to change it mid-flight and its inherrent confliction with weapon selection. This means often the best solution is to take 8x Mk83s and overkill the base to enable the use of “8” ripple mode.

Secondly an “A” option, which would drop all weapons. for bombs, “A” would dump all available bombs at once (the same as “Bomb series: all” does). Which would be ideal for Loft attacks as the “S” mode spreads bombs over a wide area. Making it highly inaccurate.

This mode is especially helpful if you have an odd number of bombs. Such as with the Harriers that have 5 bombs. Allowing you to drop all bombs at the same time instead of the current sequential method.

(For rockets, this i’d imagine would work a lot like “S”, but prehaps pulsed 8 or 16 volleys, instead of rapid fire)

These 2 main additions would be a major quality of life improvement when using the ripple mode on weapons, but the more configuration that is possible in flgiht the better the system would be. Especially for the Sim community.


Here a visual explanation of what @Morvran explains: Capture6.png (733×414) (


OR to be able to select not only the ripple quantity but the ripple intervall as well, as can be don IRL. The weapons panel of the A-10 for example allows a) which stations to use, b) what quantity to drop per pickle c) if the bombs get dropped single or in pairs and d) in what interval the bombs get dropped, with the option included to drop the whole selected ripple quantity at once.

Important: Prerequisite for this to actually work would be that the bug that bombs of the same type but different “group” get dropped with a delay between. Notorious example for this are Milan / Mirage 5 / Kfir, where there are bombs under the fuselage in one group and other bombs of the same type in a different group on the wing tank pylons, and those two groups getting dropped with a delay, often resulting in bombs of the second group to drop to miss the target. I think also Harriers suffer similarly, with 4 bombs in 2 pairs under the wings, and a single bomb under the fuselage, and this fuselage bomb dropped with a delay after the wing bombs.

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I second this, one of the current problems with this system (as well as above) is that if you have both IR and radar missile you HAVE to be in selector mode to choose which one, but being in selector mode also takes away the ability to drop bomb serries and only lets you use the ripple amount thus taking awa the ability to drop either one bomb or serries of bomb on the fly without changing ripple amount.

I think the ripple and serries should be based on the same number. so you choose amount (through for example y menu) and that amount gets dropped both in and out of selector mode and in addition you could have a y menu option to drop all of the ripple/serries at once or sequentially. This would let us both choose missiles AND be able to choose single or multiple bomb drops at the same time.

Yes! The F111 would benefit especially from this, given its huge bomb load.


I am surprised no CCRP or Ripple mode improvements were added with the F-111.

When the Su-24 comes they’ll probably add it.

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Probably, was hoping with the F-111, but as we’ve seen with Spall liners, will now probably be with the Su-24

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Very much needed change


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