Vehicles of the Republic of China should have the White Sun as their emblem next to vehicle names

Should ROC vehicles have the White Sun next to their name?
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The premise of this suggestion is simple: Vehicles that were or are operated by the Republic of China (Taiwan) should have the Blue Sky with a White Sun (青天白日) next to their name instead of the People’s Republic of China’s Five-stars.

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The White Sun is present on the ROC’s national flag, war flag, and aircraft roundels so it makes sense to use it in War Thunder.

A good analogy already existing in War Thunder is how the Federal Republic of Germany, and the German Democratic Republic all have their own emblems for their vehicles.

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There was a ROC Sun emblem in the files for some time and you could even switch out the PRC emblem with it but it was sadly removed in Ixwa strike.

Hopefully it’ll come back.


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+1 for me its nothing political it would just satisfy my “OCD” in the same way the implementation of separate symbols for 3rd Reich/BRD/GDR vehicles did. There is also a “sun” emote in default Unicode that strongly resembles the Taiwanese White Sun:

It’s not really a political issue, as most of the world recognizes the two distinct entities. I’m sure for PRC/mainland localization however this symbol can easily be omitted


+1 as a chinese (in PRC) i dont think it’s a political issue, we recognize the Taiwan government, we just dont recognize the independent Taiwan


Definitely need this change to classify ROC/PRC vehicles


Anyone saying no us a PRC nationalist. This literally just makes sense

Germany is now unified, so it is possible to give special marks to different camp vehicles in history. This will not provoke political discussion. However, the Taiwan issue is a political issue at present, which will cause unnecessary trouble, so there is a high probability that it will not be implemented

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I think that is a good point

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I don’t think giving ROC vehicles a new emblem would be a bigger political blunder than straight up putting ROC vehicles in the PRC tree

You dont think chinese nationalists would rage out about ROC emblems let alone talking about it lol

All I’m saying is there’s been more people in this thread so far complaining about what PRC nationalists might do than actual PRC nationalists complaining, which as far as I can tell has been exactly zero. Anyway, +1, I think it adds flavor




I don’t want you to debate it here.I’m not a politician. It’s just a game.I’m just a player. just try do not add to my other costs of playing the game


+1 Literally zero reason not too. And if gaijin sees this, PLEASE alter the Chinese tree overall tab icon to a PRC/ROC flag just like that. The PRC and ROC Tawain both see themselves as China. It feels virtue signally and wrong to make “Tawain a sub tree of the Chinese TT”, like we have now

Could just rename the tree to Unified China like people want for the Korea’s

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I could really see that, if that player base supports it

somebody who can make a mod for replacing that text syboml and the china flag as ROC would be helpfull.

It actually exists on WT Live