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What I Suggest here is to add a keybind where you would get the ability to disable the automatic loading.

As it is now, when you use, for example, a Leopard, and you then have 10x APFSDS and 2x HEATFS and you meet another vehicle, where you would have preferred to have used HEATFS, then you have to fire one shot to then load the HEATFS. This means that you use up the ammunition more quickly, you become vulnerable as you have to wait to reload, since now perhaps the enemy you intended to shoot with HEATFS has learned that you fired, and is now reloading, and you loose.

This cannot be done on all vehicles, but I suggest that this could become an option under controls for those vehicles that want the option of this, such as manually reloading vehicles. Vehicles with belt-fed cannons etc will probably not have this option, but I believe most of the autoloaders have the option.

This would have given players the opportunity to drive without a loaded cannon, and one can then, judging from the situation one finds oneself in, choose the ammunition that suits best, and release and reveal one’s position or make oneself vulnerable. This would be completely arbitrary to use

Examples of situations where this could be handy

  • You want to bring as little ammunition as possible and can thereby use the most suitable ammunition judged from the situation, for example if you have ammunition with Proximity fuze loaded and you meet an MBT
  • You encounter an MBT with ammo that has no chance of penetrating and you have to shoot to reload
  • You drive a wagon with limited ammunition, such as ItPsV 90 with APDS and you interfere with a helicopter or a troublesome plane, then you can drive without anything charged, then you decide which belt you want to use based on the situation


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