[Naval] Shell Simulation in Protection Analysis Should Account for Bullet Drop, Not Camera View

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Problem: Currently, the Protection Analysis in Naval is identical to the one used in Ground Battles, namely, the shell simulation is projected forth from the camera and flies toward the targeted area. While this is fine on the ground where you could hit the target from multiple angles and the range of engagement is often close enough that the angle of the shell when it hits the target is insignificant enough to make much difference (on the off chance that it’s a low velocity gun, the shell is often HE anyway so angles doesn’t really matter), the same cannot be said for naval.
Everyone is fighting on the same plane in Naval so the only way to perform an attack that isn’t directly side-on is to perform a plunging fire. Something that is done naturally at range due to ballistics, as the game hasn’t modeled a way to intentionally perform plunging fire. But the Protection Analysis simulation does not take this into account, which leads to absurd options such as performing a plunging fire at point-blank

or a perfectly perpendicular shot from 15 km away all just because I set my camera there when I started the simulation.

It’s obvious that both scenarios aren’t going to happen in the game in any capacity and to simulate it better, I could begin the simulation at an angle, but I wouldn’t know what angle the shell would be at with my particular gun at that range, but the game does.

Solution: To solve this, I propose the camera would only be referenced for what angle to begin the simulation, the direction the attacker is in relation to the target. Where the player clicks would indicate where they wish to aim. The angle of the shell in relation to the hull upon impact will be judged by the game based on the distance the player has set, with the calculations done based on the shell’s trajectory on a particular gun and its muzzle velocity. This way, if the simulation is set to be 15km out and the player clicks on the armor belt, the shell will be coming into contact with a ship at a downward angle, which will more accurately show why they aren’t able to penetrate it despite the shell seemingly having a pen value higher than the belt. Alternatively, you can have your camera point straight down at a ship, but if you set your range to point blank, your simulated shell will be hitting the ship horizontally, as there is minimal bullet dip from it leaving the cannons and hitting the target.


Love it! That would make it so much easier for people to learn about choosing their combat distance. Make it happen Gaijin ❤

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Love the idea and hope this gets more traction

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