Add "Camera Shake" bars separatelly

We should have Camera Shake sliders for Air, Ground and naval modes separatelly. The biggest reason is, currently, we have only one slider for all game modes and if you use it at maximun for ground or naval vehicles and switch for airplanes, the effect is brutal that looks an earthquacke in the sky, and it gives headaches.
Making it individually for each vehicle will be great since people have different tastes for how it shoud work, for example, I like to put it at 35% - 40% for airplanes; 100% for tanks and 50% for naval.

Camera Shake

Would you like to have more Camera Shake sliders?
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  • No, I don’t want.

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It should be the same fixed ratio for everyone, in multiplayer at least, not customizable. It disturbs aiming, thus experienced players always set it to zero.