Default states for specific controls

[Would you like to see default control states be configurable?]
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There are a number of controls within the game that have a default “mode” which the game sets upon spawning.

These are settings such as

Auto Wing-sweep
Cannon Ballistic computer
Manual Engine Control

These are 3 of a number of settings that reset upon respawning, or even simply landing and repairing within SB. Meaning they need to be toggled each and everytime you take off.

The suggestion is simple and an option within the settings to set the default mode for these, so that it is not required to toggle them each and everytime you take off.

I personally have both auto wing-sweep and Cannon ballistic computer set to the same binding and toggle it each and everytime I take off automatically these days, without even thinking about it as it needs to be pressed every single time I take off.


I’d just like to add these to your list:

  • default radar setting
  • default missile selection

I would like to see a “fixing” save toggle for MEC settings, like trim, even if only available test flight. It gets a bit old to set up my MEC setting every time I take off after a landing.