Option for the Radar scan zone to span the entire Radar screen

Currently, the Radar screen interface shows the entire area your radar can possibly scan horizontally (if you move the zone). The zone the radar is currently set to scan will be shown as a section of that screen. As you move it horizontally, you will see the scan zone move on your radar screen.


In some cases, the scan zone will cover the entire screen, if the horizontal coverage of that zone is as big as the maximal possible horizontal deflection angles of the antennae.


There is a problem that arises when the scan zone is much smaller horizontally than the maximal deflection limits - the targets become very densely packed horizontally.
Here is an example of that (N010M of the MiG-29SMT in TWS with 40° horizontal coverage):


Add the option to toggle between having the scan zone be a section of the radar screen (how it is now) and having the scan zone span the entire radar screen. It would also be nice to have this as a keybind and an option in the settings to choose which one is the default on spawn.
Note: A horizontal deflection indicator akin to the one we have for vertical deflection should be added. Also, both should be moved just outside (instead of just inside) the radar screen, because they can sometimes be overlaid on radar contacts. Kind of like this:


It should be noted that IRL examples of both can be found.



On the F-16 with AN/APG-68, the scan zone is only a portion of the radar screen (how it is now):


The radar is scanning 60° horizontally (A3 in the mid-left indicates ±30° azimuth scan), while the screen covers 120°. The scan zone can be seen by the antennae azimuth indicator (T moving at the bottom).





On the MiG-29 with N019, the scan zone covers the entire HUD space allocated to it. There is an indicator (horizontal flat line at the bottom of the HUD) showing which zone the radar is scanning. In the image, you can see two, one in the center representing the scan zone looking forward, and one on the right representing the scan zone turned to the right.

Source: MiG-29B Combat Employment Manual

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[Would you like this to be a setting toggle or a keybind?]
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