Pre-flight info for Air RB and AIr Sim

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I am an experienced player (although still at low Rank) with a bit of real life flying experience with my dad when I was younger. One thing that we always did was go through the pre-flight info such as tower radio frequency, local weather conditions and flight frequency. These should all be in game.

About three years ago Gaijin totally overhauled their atmosphere model so that each match now uses realistic data for things such ambient temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and particle density (haze). As far as I know they have not modeled winds but that could presumably be added if and when they want.

My suggestion is that in the Mission Info at the start of each Air RB and Air Sim match the player should be given the current temperature, pressure, humidity, winds (if modeled) and airfield altitude and known cloud layers (eg four tenths cover at 3,000 metres etc). This would help players work out as and when they can expect to start conning, when to change supercharger settings when using MEC and how to work out height above ground as opposed to height above sea level.

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Whilst there needs to be a balance between usability and simulation/immersion, little things like weather in the lobby selector and then things like what you mentioned (alt above sea level, safety alt for terrain, MEC related information, contrail formation alt, etc) would all be really helpful information to have.

Big +1 from me

I would like to see this for ground battles too.

Looks like this is coming:


Unfortunately. I don’t think it’s on the lobby selection though for SB. So you only know when you enter the match for SB, which still kinda sucks


I find it irritating that when I join a Sim AB with an aircraft with no or very basic instruments and it is very cloudy, bad viz or semi dark (sunset or sunrise) and I know it will be very hard to fly. On top I just activated a single mission booster which will be wasted if I back out. Same when I join and the game end due to the tickets run out.

Having some idea of the weather, time of day and remaining points before joining a session