Visualized Game After Action Shot Report

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The game has an amazing killcam system that you can see the trajectory of shots fired at you and a great replay system that you can use to review your entire battles, offering multiple prespectives and camera angles as well as the somewhat newly introduced segmented replay system that allows you to sort of rewind back to a point in the replay without having to restart it entirely.

However you don’t get a sort of killcam for non-killshots and using the replay can be somewhat tedious and the lack of a proper rewind feature can get somewhat annoying, having to go back and then fast forward to the point you want and if you fast forward over it you need to go back to the checkpoint and repeat the process.

To solve this, a form of an After Action Report could be available where the player can see all the shots they recieved, being a non-damaging hit, a non-kill penetrating hit or the hit that destroyed your vehicle, showing the range, the ammunition type and name, the round’s penetration at that distance as well as the effective armor it impacted. This would allow players to study and understand how and why they died and help improve at the game without having to navigate the replay