Automatic Camouflage Prefrence

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I would like to see the ability to choose for each vehicle, in the hangar, which of your owned camouflages appear when your in-match, pre-spawn camouflage selection is set to “Auto”.

The selection could be added in the drop down menu of the hangar. It would consist of check boxes next to each available camouflage and would only apply to automatic camouflage selection pre-spawn.
The check boxes would appear next to the environmental indicator of each camouflage.

For example, I received this market place skin for the AMX-30 Super and decided that I don’t like using it on most woodland maps. I would prefer my standard camouflage or three-tone carc camo. I would be able to deselect the market place skin by unchecking it, while leaving other forest skins checked.

This would also be useful if you unlocked a camouflage that you don’t like and prevent it from automatically being applied in battle without manually checking and selecting your camouflage at the beginning of each match.

I would like the ability to, from the hangar use a check box next to those camouflages in order to apply or deny an owned camouflage from being applied to “Auto” in game, while retaining the ability to manually select it from the drop-down menu if I feel that pattern would be useful on a particular map.