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I suggest drag over selection when you select a vehicle from crew. Think about it when you change vehicle status. You can CLICK ↕️ button under crew status selction to change vehicle. Various vehicles that you have come and you can CLICK any other vehicle. You should have two click to do it. It can be changed just one click. Press ↕️ button(not released), it makes vehicles displayed and drag your mouse pointer what you want to ride and release. It makes your movements efficient. Because I have to make numerous crew changes when I log in as you do.

why not use crew setups?

Just saying, this hardly makes sense, and it needs to be re-explained.

HYPNOSYS2002 is saying about the presets you have access to, but I think it’s more about being able to change the vehicles without making a mistake by clicking, and being able to hold the button…

It’s just not clear enough.

I think they can’t to keep the interface consistent between PC and console.

If you are pressing mouse left button when mouse cursor on ↕️ button from crew window, stock vehicles shown. And move mouse cursor to specific vehicle and release mouse button. Then the crew changes their vehicles. And release mouse left button when mouse cursor on blurred space return to standard seen. Currently only selected vehicles have a ↕️ button. It is preferred to have ↕️ button to all crews to simple action.

I don’t know how to treat “show more button” without abolishing or vehicle reverse order. You can give advice on it.