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Currently there is no direct way of seeing what the range of Battle Ratings in a match are. This is inconvenient because there is no way of telling if you have been uptiered or downtiered outside of a handful of indirect and unreliable methods.
In Ground Realistic Battles you can memorize spawn point costs to tell if you have been uptiered or downtiered.
In other modes you must memorize the battle ratings of other vehicles in order to tell what the Battle Rating range of a match is.
Both of these methods are indirect and not always reliable plus, they are unfriendly to new or casual players who do not wish to memorize the battle ratings of many vehicles just to tell if they have been downtiered. It can be useful to know the BR range of a match because it might inform what you spawn. For example, you might spawn a heavy tank instead of a light one if you are downtiered or vice versa. Also a BR indicator can help players know what enemies they might be facing. This is why I am suggesting a display in the upper left hand corner where other similar information is that shows the BR range of a match.


Here is my mockup of what such an display could look like.

Overall this would be a nice quality of life addition and would improve the experiences of both new and old players.


Like you pointed out yourself we already have a reliable method in ground rb, but would be nice to have for everything else. And of course once added add to everything

as often players spawn vehicles below the give range it would be sufficient to display the max BR which is valid for the respective match

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We have a new generation of players who have grown up with games that have UIs that spoon feed everything and using the spawn point cost is just that bit too much for them.


Although i upvoted your proposal - being “unfriendly” to new or casual players is not really decisive, it is more an inconvenience.

The main goal for every player should be to know the strengths and weaknesses of all vehicles in his BR range to choose the adequate tactics or strategy to fight them.

So by displaying the BR range you simply skip the necessity to learn.

From a pure game play perspective the game experience is better the more players have experience and know what they are doing - depending on your own understanding of fun. Smashing clueless players is not fun for everybody.

The underlying issue looks more BR related.

Seeing that a hell of topics/threads in this forum are seriously questioning gaijin’s statement that “vehicles in the BR range are capable to fight each other” are a good indicator that “uptiers” and “downtiers” are not that easy for most of the players as the performance gap is covered by plain average player statistics.

In other words the “balancing” effect of BR settings is leading to highly overtiered vehicles (objectively bad, but mainly used by experts able to play them successfully) or highly undertiered vehicles (objectively good, but played wrong by a hell of rookie players).

As a summary: I see displaying the BR range more like a nice support for already experienced players as their experience advantage help them to choose vehicles able to face all potential threats in the BR range. Rookies might get not really an effective added value from it.

Have a good one!

In my opinion we should instead add a small diagram either in the spawn menu or as something you can see as a popup in the hangar or pre-game loading screens that has all the tank icons (medium, light, heavy, TD, SPAA) and also shows the spawn costs:

                             +0.0   +0.3  +0.7  +1.0
                 Medium Tank  150 / 130 / 110 / 100
                  Heavy Tank  160 / 140 / 120 / 100

I do understand that this isn’t exactly as intuitive as just seeing the raw BR (say if it just says 6.7), but as the game already has a built-in mechanic that allows you to tell without knowing the raw numbers I think the diagram would fit the game’s aesthetic a bit more (assuming it had actual icons instead of this low effort table).

I would also like to see maps at least in ground for both tanks and planes - sometimes I forget which side the enemy plane/helicopter spawn is after already being in a non-SPAA vehicle and would also appreciate being able to toggle maps to see which direction those were in.

Implement this IMMEDIATELY


Is there any official source (as in from Gaijin themselves) that says what BR & type the spawn points correspond to?

In order to figure that out, you have to learn the BRs of all the vehicles, work out what br range the battle is, and then map out the corresponding spawn costs just to learn what those numbers mean… Oh and then they change after you spawn so if you learn it for the beginning of a match, if you spawn before seeing the points cost, good luck.

Only official sources we have anywhere is old changelogs from when they changed spawncosts. But in ground you can see the br of your vehicles and then go off spawncost, and even after the first spawn they just double the points. But I do agree that this would be a nice QoL improvement

Tiny changes like these are called “Quality of Life” updates for a reason…

But what are you going to do if you see that you are the one being uptiered?

I love this idea. Im an experienced air RB pilot and I know the BRs of most vehicles off by heart, but i’m very new to ground and I struggled telling whether it was an uptier or a downtier until my friend told me about looking at the spawn points.

Even in air battles, there are still times when I am not sure. Sometimes people can ‘uptier themselves’ by squadding with a teammate at a higher BR, and this makes it more challenging to determine the minimum BR of a match.
It also sometimes happens that on your team, your BRs are only spread over 0.7. (E.g. if it is an 10.0-11.0 match, occasionally we will have no 11.0, and since we only have 10.0-10.7 in our team, it would be impossible to tell whether the match was 9.7-10.7 or 10.0-11.0. We might be able to tell if there were more than 4 11.0s ofc). This situation makes it confusing, and the proposed change would help.
No downsides +1