Vehicle stat cards should reflect top rather than stock rounds.

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Currently, in War Thunder, a vehicle’s stat card in the hangar screen reflects it’s stock rather than top round. For some vehicles, like Object 292, this makes sense, as it’s stock APFSDS round is expected to be the one that the player primarily uses.

shot 2024.05.04 20.58.44
This is Object 292’s stat card.

shot 2024.05.04 20.58.50
For comparison, here’s the listed penetration value for it’s primary round, 152 mm APFSDS.

But for most of the vehicles in War Thunder, their stat cards don’t reflect on the primary round the vehicle is expected to make use of. Take for example, the M1A1. It’s primary round is meant to be M829A1 APFSDS, but the vehicle’s stat card reflects M830 HEAT in the armor penetration field.

shot 2024.05.04 21.05.52
The M1A1’s stat card lists its armor penetration at 480 mm.

shot 2024.05.04 21.06.01
This matches the M1A1’s stock HEAT round,

shot 2024.05.04 21.06.06
But not it’s top APFSDS round?

Things get even more complicated when looking at tanks like the E100 or M3 Lee, which have multiple cannons, but their stat cards only reflect the penetration value of the stock round of the primary cannon.

shot 2024.05.04 21.13.23
M3 Lee has 79 mm of pen according to its stat card.

shot 2024.05.04 21.13.58
This reflects the stock round for its 37 mm cannon.

shot 2024.05.04 21.14.04
Yet M3 Lee’s stat card doesn’t even discuss the armor penetration of its secondary 75 mm cannon beyond mentioning that said secondary cannon exists.

As someone who cares greatly about consistency, this really bothers me. Especially when the stat cards do change to reflect vehicle upgrades and increases to crew skill.

shot 2024.05.04 21.25.20

shot 2024.05.04 21.26.00
Vehicle stat cards clearly change to show the difference between a stock and an upgraded tank’s turret rotation and engine power, so why doesn’t it do the same for armor penetration when the player unlocks new rounds?

To resolve this, I would propose making vehicle stat cards reflect a vehicle’s top round rather than being locked to just it’s stock round. I would also create seperate fields for primary and secondary armament in the stat card. This would make it easier to judge the theoretical armor penetration of a vehicle at a glance, without having to open its mods window and look at all its rounds.


it should show the equipped round stat.