Suggestion to improve penetration analysis in Replay.

I suggest to improve penetration analysis we currently have in Replays and to add ability to view penetration analysis of each individual hit.
As improvements I suggest adding being able to change speed of the simulation, as well as stop/resume it. I also suggest being able to change your view on simulation, to rotate and change it as it’s needed to user, zoom/unzoom out of it. And, if possible, ability to view procent of damage taken to each module by pointing mouse over it.

I am suggesting this as I believe that current penetration analysis we currently have in Hangar doesnt account/use same parameters as in battle, and users may not be able to always pick correct angle of attack and distance.
This new improvement would make it easier to understand weakspots of vehicles in practise
This is mainly quality of life suggestion.
It is to ease understanding of in game vehicles and use knowledge, recieved in battle.

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I completely understand if these are too complicated to add. All criticism and suggestions on topic are welcome. Excuse me for any grammar errors.