Make each vehicle type have different settings for HUD/UI

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Should this be seperated by country?
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Currently, the tab Measurement Units in the settings changes speed, altitude, distance, etc. for all vehicles.
measurement units
For example, if I change speed to knots, then everything, aircraft, tanks, and ships, will display in knots.

I believe it would be best if these settings were separated for each vehicle type, aircraft, tanks, and ships. That way, different vehicles can their different “standard” units of measurement. Ship speeds are normally measured in knots, but tanks are not.

It could even be separated by country, as for example Russia and China measures it’s aircraft speed in km/h and altitude in meters while America and other NATO countries measure their aircraft speed in kts and altitude in feet. If it is separated by country, a copy/paste button to copy settings from one country to another might be a good idea to include as well.


I was about to submit the exact same suggestion. If you swap between Air, Ground and Naval on a regular basis, its easier to pick one and put up with it rather than swapping it frequently. I usually just leave speed in Knots, because its a reasonable choice for Air and Naval, my main modes, but is a wierd choice in Ground.

Would love vehicle based measurement selections and I never though about country specific options either, but yeah, that is a great idea as well

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This is a great idea! I do not know where or how to go about putting up a suggestion but an indication of the flaps in the HUD would be choice for arcade players in the Aircraft HUD.

After spending 35 years in various planes, my mind only makes sense of altitude in feet and speed in knots, for ships and boats, speed should be in knots. Surface vehicles (tanks) should be in km/h or mph. Distances can be in nautical miles or meters, both work for me.

I would like to be able to set it separately for each type of vehicle; aircraft, ships and tanks.

I don’t want to force my choice on somebody else, they might not be able to make sense of what works for me.


Provided that it is still possible to set a country-wide or global setting, yes. While it would be convenient to be able to change UI settings for a single vehicle, I don’t want to have to go through and do it for every. single. one.