Aircraft Modification Flare/Chaff Tutorial

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Hello! I checked out the “Test” system for missile armarment on aircraft, and I thought of countermeasures. Why not mix the two?

I think this short tutorial function may help newer players specifically who are new to higher-tier aircraft, where missiles are common place to be sent towards you, and they need an explanation for it without external sources. Many people would probably appreciate a testing function for them, to allow for a detailed explanation of how they work, when they should be used, or just how to use them.

How this would work, is you are put in a tutorial where you first get an explanation of what flares and chaff are useful for, then put in situations where in which both types of countermeasures are used.

Then, you are set in a situation where a plane is behind or in front of you. “An infrared seeker missile goes for the most warm target in its seeker radius. Flares are false heat signatures that confuse the seeker of the missile.” The opposing aircraft sends an IR missile towards you, and you are instructed what to do next: “Perform a turn while using countermeasures [BUTTON] to avoid the incoming infrared missile” (next stage starts after aircraft is not dead, and missile has passed aircraft)

Next stage, you are then set in a similar situation where a SARH missile is sent towards your aircraft. The mission is to chaff it, to confuse the SARH missile. “Radar guided missiles rely on aircraft radar signature. Chaff makes a false signature, which confuses the radar and the seeker of the missile.” [LAUNCH ON YOU] “Deploy countermeasures to confuse the radar guided missile” [BUTTON] (And maybe perform a turn while chaffing?)

Here’s an ending thought: This may not only be used for the modification, but also maybe for an independent tutorial where you are trained to use high tier aircraft.

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I would also like the LWR, RWR and countermeasures to be modelled in the game