Displaying Armor Thickness Modifier in Hangar

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Ingame there are various Types of Armor for Tanks, Ships and Planes which all have a different Effectiveness at stopping incoming Projectiles, taking into account the Angle of the Armor, the Impact Angle of the Projectile and the Armor thickness Modifier . This Modifier is currently not shown ingame, be it by applying it to the Effective Thickness value or by plainly displaying it.

Armor modifiers can be found only on the Wiki as of now:

My Suggestion here is to show the player these Modifers when they look at the Armor thickness of thier Vehicle. This would make clear (especially for newer players) that a 30mm Aluminium Plate is not as effective at stopping a Projectile as a 30mm RHA (Rolled Homogeneous Armor) Plate. This could additionally be taken into the calculation when displaying the effective Armor Thickness in the Hangar.

Here are some examples of how it could look

As already mentioned, this would help players understand that not every 30mm Plate is equal to 30mm of Protection and clarifying how their respective Vehicles Armor works in detail. This can be viewed as a simple Quality of Life Improvement and would not alter anything Gameplay related.


Great idea. I’d like to see this happen.

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Works for me +1

A small suggestion tho’ - put the “Armor modifier = @@” next to the material at the top of the window, so it reads (for example):
“WOOD (Armor modifier = 0.05)”


This could get long for ERA and NERA, which can have an upwards of 5+ modifiers based on the damage type. Though, this should still be implemented.

Honestly this shouldn’t even need be a suggestion. The game should’ve already provided this information from the start.


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Id love to see this especially for composite armors where it just counts as “external composite with NERA elements”

Hell id be happy just to have a complete list on the wiki somewhere

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