List of Previously Suggested Ideas - France Ground Forces

A reference archive of previously suggested threads related to France Ground Forces. This thread is a document for everyone to see and check before they create a double post on an already discussed idea.

IMPORTANT: If you find something previously suggested/discussed that is not on this list and should be, please PM the Suggestion Moderators and let them know!

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  • Panzerjäger Marder III (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 139)【Suggestion

xBTipiN.png Modifications / Loadouts xBTipiN.png


  • 105/60/43 APDS【Suggestion
  • 75mm SA50 Obus sous-calibré à sabot détachable shell【Suggestion





  • Acmat VLRA TPK 641 VPC【Suggestion(2.33) “Air Superiority”
  • AMX ELC Bis【Suggestion(2.15) “Wind of Change”
  • AMX-10M ACRA【Suggestion(2.29) “Sons of Attila”
  • AMX-10P【Suggestion(2.31) “Kings of Battle”
  • AMX-10RC【Suggestion(1.85) “Supersonic”
  • AMX-13 Chaffee【Suggestion(1.99) “Starfighters”
  • AMX-30 ACRA【Suggestion(1.93) “Shark Attack”
  • AMX-30 Au F1【Suggestion(2.27) “La Royale”
  • AMX-30B2 Brenus【Suggestion(1.77) “Advancing Storm”
  • AMX-32【Suggestion(1.97) “Viking Fury”
  • AMX-32/105 Model 1979【Suggestion(2.23) “Apex Predators”
  • AMX-50 Surbaissé【Suggestion(1.75) “La Résistance”
  • AMX-50 Surblindé【Suggestion(1.89) “Imperial Navy”
  • AMX-50 (TO90/930) 【Suggestion(2.23) “Apex Predators”
  • AMX VCI (M45)【Suggestion(2.35) “Alpha Strike”

  • Batignolles-Châtillon Char 25t【Suggestion(1.81) “The Valkyries”

  • Char B1 Bis【Suggestion(1.75) “La Résistance”
  • Char D2 Modèle 1938【Suggestion(1.99) “Starfighters”
  • Char FCM 36【Suggestion(1.75) “La Résistance”
  • Char FCM 2C (45mm Armor)【Suggestion(2.25) “Sky Guardians”
  • Char FCM 2C bis【Suggestion(2.23) “Apex Predators”

  • General Motors GMC CCKW 353 with 40mm Bofors【Suggestion(1.75) “La Résistance”

  • Leclerc AZUR【Suggestion(2.29) “Sons of Attila”
  • Leclerc S.2【Suggestion(2.1) “New Power”
  • Leclerc S.XXI【Suggestion(2.13) “Winged Lions”
  • Lorraine 37L Antichar【Suggestion(2.1) “New Power”
  • LVT(A)-4 Alligator with 40mm Bofors【Suggestion(2.9) “Direct Hit”

  • M4A3 (105) Sherman【Suggestion(1.97) “Viking Fury”
  • M4A4 Sherman【Suggestion(1.99) “Starfighters”
  • M26 Pershing【Suggestion(2.31) “Kings of Battle”
  • M36B2 Jackson【Suggestion(2.19) “Drone Age”
  • MARS-15 (90)【Suggestion(2.5) “Ixwa Strike”

  • Panhard 178 (AMD 35)【Suggestion(1.93) “Shark Attack”
  • Panhard AML 90【Suggestion(1.95) “Northern Wind”
  • Panhard EBR mle Model 1951【Suggestion(2.11) “Ground Breaking”
  • Panhard EBR mle Model 1954【Suggestion(2.3) “Hot Tracks”
  • Panhard EBR mle Model 1963【Suggestion(2.7) “Red Skies”

  • Renault AMC 35 SbYRK5D.png (1.75) “La Résistance”

  • Somua S 35【Suggestion(1.75) “La Résistance”

  • VAB Mephisto【Suggestion(2.17) “Danger Zone”
  • VAB SANTAL【Suggestion(2.21) “Fire and Ice”


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