Automitrailleuse Dodge-White 1941 (25mm), Makeshift armoured car

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caid’s suggestion #80

I would like to suggest this interesting armoured car designed and build by the Free french in 1941, the auto mitrailleuse Dodge-white armed with the 25mm SA 37

this vehicle cruelly lacks information. mainly about the specification of his development and characteristics. From what it is known it was a French vehicle produced in 1941 in Syria. the chassis is a Dudge T110 truck which was heavily modified with part of the Automitrailleuse White and Automitrailleuse Panhard TOE. The modification made this vehicle almost unrecognisable from either vehicle from which it was built. the Laffly-White armoured car was simply outdated and designed for WW1. The vehicles were worn out and often damaged. those who were impossible to repair were simply salvaged to rebuild a new armoured car. the armour of the Auto-mitrailleuse White is not able to be capable of being easily refitted on other trucks. it was specifically done in the interwar period to introduce new armoured cars at a lower cost in the French army. In Syria, this is basically what they did on the Dodge T110 D60. The armour needed to be modified as the chassis was not completely covered by the armour. this modification was usually made with the White turret but in this case, a turret from a Panhard TOE was refitted. the Panhard TOE a colonial armoured was also known as the Panhard 165/175 and was introduced in 1931 in the French service. the turret normally fitted with a 37mm SA18 was also modified to fit a 25mm SA 37L. This anti-tank gun was a field gun that in 1941 was still pretty potent. this gives the vehicle quite decent firepower against light and medium targets.
the modification was made to a few vehicles. probably 1 or 2 of them were refitted with the 25mm and saw service with the Free French in North Africa and the Levant. it is unclear how it performed or what happened to the vehicles. like many WW2 vehicles it was probably lost in action or scrapped once a more potent vehicle was available.

the firepower is going to be interesting. the gun does not lack penetration but lacks post-penetration damage. this is due to the 25mm caliber which is normally a auto-cannon caliber. the reload rate will be fairly fast which allows you to use the gun very well. if you are lucky enough to have killed the gunner in the first shot, there is a good chance to kill the whole enemy crew before the gunner is replaced. their gun is comparable to the SA35 found in the AMD 35 but slightly weaker but more accurate. there is no reliable information on the turret elevation or transverse speed but it can retain the elevation and transverse of the TOE as the vehicle has the same turret.

This Dodge white retained the white turret

the vehicle has a weak engine. with only 79 hp it will not be record-breaking. however, the vehicle is very light. the weight is not stated anywhere but based on a close relative, the Dodge Tanaké, it would be easy to estimate the weight at around 5 tonnes. this keeps the vehicle at a top speed of 72 km with a power-weight of nearly 16 hp/ton. this is giving the vehicle a fairly decent mobility amount to the armoured car of his time.

the protection is not well known. the turret is a TOE’s turret and the chassis is based on the automitrailleuse White, allowing it to be guessed to be rather minimal. the turret has 9mm of armour all around while the chassis have 8mm all around. this makes it only capable of being protected against LMG fire. the crew include 4 men but the truck is designed to be capable of carrying more in the rear deck a bit like the BMP series.




Love the French 2, love armored cars. +1 for sure

didn’t know about this vehicule, rather unique history background, could be added and be quite efficient +1

Shure looks fun, tho technically speaking the 25mm isnt Apc. They are oversized Rifle rounds, with Core, Lead sleef and copper jacket, but that thin layer of lead simply cant be considdered a protective cap.
And the Sa 37-L is a L/77 gun, for which i have even seen a source for the velocity going as high as 960m/s (Manual R-7 of the spanish Army Madrid 1944 Ammunition for the 25 mm Hotchkiss Puteaux SA-L 37 AT Gun)

German ammo Chart:(Click to show)