Europanzer Type A, Prototype of the AMX 30

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caid’s suggestion #119

I would like to suggest the Europanzer with the turret of Type A

the Europanzer was the French proposition of the German-French-Italian common medium tank starting in 1956. initially only including Germany and France, Italy joined the project in 1958 and looked forword to having a modern European tank locally built. the project was rather ambitious. it was to propose a new 30-ton tank capable of fighting the Russian tank at 2000-2500m. this new tank was supposed to be used by all three countries as the main-battle-tank in replacement to the American Patton tanks (M46, M47, M48 & M60).
the new tank was been going to be produced from part of all 3 countries to stimulate the economy and return the investment of the project. but this is where the problem shows up. neither France nor Germany nor even in some instances Italy agreed on who should make what. so 3 teams were working on 3 different tanks of the same project. while in Germany this project was called Standardpanzer, in France the new tank went by the name Europanzer or Char Européen. 3 German teams developed 2 different prototypes with serial sub-variants while France developed a prototype on his own. only one could be accepted as the common tank for the three countries and both Germany and France disagreed and try to include as much part as possible that would be built in their own country. this was essentially for economic interest at first but as much as the development went on, the focus was getting different on each 3 teams. the French thought the firepower and accuracy were to be put forward at the cost of lower protection which was judged useless as the ATGM was not making more armor effective. while the German one was still considered important to have decent armor and wanted to focus on high mobility before considering more firepower. By 1962 the 3 tanks were showing relatively different but equivalent performances and both the French and German teams proposed tanks that were mainly partly produced in their own country. as for the result, the French and Germans didn’t want to accept each other prototype and decided to simply create their tank based on the standarpanzer/europanzer tanks. Germany initially used a 90mm gun and eventually used the British 105mm L7 while the French expected them to use a new 105mm of their design. it was giving birth to two new tank families, the Leopard 1 from Germany, and the AMX 30 from France. Both tanks were relatively equivalent and similar but also very different.

as for the French Europanzer, the prototype was built in 1960. it shows many features that were proposed on the AMX-30. the hull was welded while the turret was cast forged to provide more ballistic protection. the main gun was 105mm as used on the AMX 30A. there were 2 prototypes built under the joint project but finally, it was after the failure of the project that the French improved their prototype and produced 7 prototype tanks in 1962 that hosted the multi-fuel Hispano-Suiza diesel engine. those prototypes received even more modification and the last 5 were finished in 1963 and officially renamed AMX-30A and their improved production version AMX-30B

technically the Europanzer is the Prototype of the AMX-30 but it is also a un-produced predecessor tank. a bit like the Landsver L-60 is a prototype of the Strv M/38 but also a tank on its own. or the Landsverk Lago-I was the prototype of the Strv M/42 but also a different tank on its own. the European can be considered as a tank on his own as the prototype was a tested and successful design that was simply never produced and received further improvement to the point it was a completely different tank. it differs from the AMX-30 by the different turret shape, different gun mantlet, absence of auto-cannon or HMG, and low profile & unarmed commander copula.

the Europanzer had received over his development 2 different turrets. the Tourelle de 105 version A and the Tourelle de 105 version F. The turret was different from the one used on the AMX 30 and used a DEFA D.1507-T 105mm gun which is the prototype of the 105mm F1 (it fires experimental rounds). both turrets are very alike but different. the only difference is the sight like those the Germans like on the Type A and the capacity of the commander to control the gun which is why I suggest the Type A here.

the gun is a D.1507-T which is the prototype of the CN-105-F1. this gun was used to test serial potential rounds for the 105mm with 60 rounds. this will give the tank a much greater range of ammunition over the AMX 30 (at least the early version) it will grant him a APDS, HESH, HE and HEAT. all of which have relatively good usefulness. the tank will be capable of dealing with different types of targets. the gun have an elevation of -10° to +20° at a speed of 5°/sec which is pretty good. the turret turns on 360° at a speed of 24°/sec which is a bit less than the AMX 30 but still good enough. there is a 7.62mm coaxial but the armament is limited to this. the gun’s sight have a zoom of 8x while the rangefinder have a zoom of 12x. the tank features a coincidence rangefinder for the most accurate shot at long range. the commander also disposes of the capacity to use the gun

the tank features great mobility which is pretty ironic knowing that the French favored firepower while the Germans favored mobility and turns out that the French are more mobile and their guns were more accurate while the Germans had less accurate guns but were capable of more potent ammunition. for the engine, the prototype Europanzer had a Sofam type 12 GS D S that was developing 750 hp at 2800 rpm. the tank is light enough with 31.3 tonnes in combat order. this gives the tank 24 hp/tonnes which is pretty decent for an early MBT. The transmission is a ZM-AMX of an unspecified model which had 5-speed and an inverter. this will allow the tank to go as fast forward and in reverse which is ideal for popshot and quick retreat. the top speed is 65 km/h which is pretty good for a MBT. The tank is quite maneuverable with a minimal turn radius 3.5m when on the move but also can turn on itself.
if the boxgear is like the AMX 30B, the speed per gear should go as follows.

  • 1st = 7 km/h
  • 2nd = 15 km/h
  • 3rd = 26 km/h
  • 4th = 43 km/h
  • 5th = 65 km/h

the armor of this tank was designed to offer minimal protection. the armor is just strong enough to not be completely humiliated when you encounter a simple SPAA. the tank is designed to be immune on all sides against medium caliber such as 12.7mm. the front is immune from the 20mm at the velocity of 1050 m/sec. the chassis offers a heavy slope to maximize the chance of ricochet. the turret has a thickness ranging from 100 to 40mm on the front and 40mm at all sides. the turret is molded in single-cast pieces while the chassis is welded. the crew comprises 4 men. a driver is in the hull while a loader, gunner, and commander are in the turret. for more active defense, the tank features 4 smoke launchers on the side of the turret.



Le char de combat AMX - 30 (AMX 30 been the builder and the weight class of the tank)

char Standard Européen AMX 30 (last time it mention the standardization an MBT for the entire Europe)

Turret Type A


YGnnvUI.jpg sWJAbn1.jpg lwi3M6x.jpg bIpTzcq.jpg RgjWgWe.jpg 2wGfWE8.jpg 6z3nzRt.jpg p9071Nc.jpg C7KjB7s.jpg FQBjAAD.jpg BWZea1W.jpg byt9HuL.jpg 24qJnYK.jpg NxV6B05.jpg pAyoE2J.jpg CuIKu28.jpg UUxkrjq.jpg cqMtuiC.jpg 883qCZn.jpg sxDXSfH.jpg U0os2xq.jpg qQSsr5i.jpg cwE1F7E.jpg Tryy1tU.jpg mykGoh6.jpg Goo5upI.jpg RoBLkrp.jpg iE39Kd4.jpg Z700ofo.jpg 8MvA7Ei.jpg 2bjlg6f.jpg

Turret type F

y2w8e4r.jpg lZQLcWH.jpg roewUBe.jpg DEFA5OH.jpg oOD71DN.jpg HqEhQB6.jpg XYYpRB8.jpg 7gmHV4C.jpg KqBEsQ9.jpg Q5i9z5Z.jpg A8h4INT.jpg mrDUpCS.jpg 7xHA65Z.jpg E2zuoWB.jpg p23xoc1.jpg


nEYpsDQ.jpg NzVE0A1.jpg PFEEDe8.jpg 2Fq9HC0.jpg W9Xr5fu.jpg QrCUFFb.jpg VPphBEp.jpg

TgAjWAZ.jpg hCNwVOg.jpg YO8ETFc.jpg lpgJOxO.jpg

APDS Rounds

HESH rounds

HEAT rounds

UqEuUtK.jpg XSuRq2Q.jpg L2EzyN4.jpg



how do you make this? If you can let me know i’ll like it

+1, but a small correction here:

The German prototypes always intended to use the 105 mm gun, in fact, a 105 mm gun was considered one of the essential requirements of the Europanzer program. Early German Europanzer prototypes only used a 90 mm because the L7 was not yet ready.

i use Zanju’s tools to make a fan tech tree, then I screenshot it since I like to show the simplified table of performance because I like it when the main details are easy to see. before I was using the regular table in the old forum directly in the topic, but this new forum is not compatible. those screenshots were a way to go around.

you can copy and paste the table from the wiki and then easily modify it. i changed each data myself a tweaked the format to only show the real performance (the arcade performance is set by Gaijin) and I removed some of the data that is not needed and added some that might be needed, such as the fire rate which can be useful when you get auto-cannon and the magazine size for auto-loader, magazine, and belt. i also simplified the mobility table to remove everything about the arcade mode.

you can use my format if you like. you can copy one from my german fan-made tech tree and modify it as you like.

Thanks, I liked it also +2 on how helpful they were

normally i need a source equal or stronger than the one I use to change a part on my suggestion, but since this is not really affecting the vehicles, I will just reformulate this part in order to not mislead

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Here is my source,

From Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank 1965 to Present by Michael K. Cecil and Michael Shackleton, 2020