AMX 13 Mle 1987, a last post production standard

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caid’s suggestion #118

I would like to suggest the best version of the AMX 13 that could be proposed for the French, the AMX 13 Mle 1987

The AMX 13 Mle 1987 is a major improvement of the AMX 13. the improvement affected the 3 major aspects of a tank that a player would consider to determine a good tank. the Firepower, the Mobility, and the protection. all together bring the tank to a new level.
this tank was an upgrade package mostly marketed by Five-Lille industry. the Five-Lille was a French industry that became famous for the production of the FL-10 turret and the sub-variants that are found on many tanks, notably the AMX 13. the proposed version appearing in 1987 offers a new armour package which include High Hardness applique armour over the chassis’s front and the turret front. the turret is now the FL-15 which is an improved version of the FL-12 with a 105mm CN-105-G1 gun instead of the 105mm CN-105-57. this gives the tank the ability to use APFSDS rounds. lastly, the upgrade proposes a new hydro-pneumatic suspension and a new diesel engine that offers a bit more power and much more autonomy. the gearbox was also improved which gives a new top speed.
the modification was proposed as a new package on the international market as the AMX 13 was already retired from the French army. but the adoption was partial. some part was bought by other countries separately but none used this model as a whole tank.

the armament of the AMX 13 Mle 1987 is a neat improvement over the Mle 1958 or AMX 13-90. the gun is the 105mm CN-105-G1 which is the same gun used on the SK-105A2. the gun can fire OFL 105 G1 APFSDS and OCC 105 F1, giving it the capacity to engage semi-modern MBT with enough ease to win. the gun has an elevation of -8° to +12° at a speed of 5°/sec. this elevation is not great but at least the depression is much better than the FL-12 or FL-10 which allows it to be slightly more comfortable in uneven terrain. the rotation is 360° at a speed of 30°/sec which is alright. the gun is paired with an auto-loader which gives a fire rate of 12 rounds minutes (5-second reload)
the gunner has a laser rangefinder with night vision.
the commander has no night vision but it also has an independent gun sight as it has the capacity and priority on full control of the gun and turret (a feature inherited from the FL-12 turret)
the only thing the tank lacks is a thermal and stabilizer

  • 105 mm gun
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Nightvision (gunner only)
  • dual commander/gunner control
  • Autoloader

the mobility was greatly improved. the engine and suspension were brand new. the tank could be refitted with a Baudoin 6 F 11 SRY - Series F or a General Motors 520 4LC S25, providing 280 hp at 3200 rpm. the tank has a new automatic 3-speed Rockford Powertrain ZF 5WG-180 with a torque converter. the new hydropneumatic suspension. this allows the tank to get a good top speed of 65 km/h and have better off-road mobility. the tank is a fair bit heavier than the usual AMX 13. With 16 tonnes it’s probably the heaviest AMX 13 designed for combat.
the speed should go as follows depending on the gear. (if there is no mistake in the identification of the gear ratio)

  • 1L 15.34 = 6.14 Km/h
  • 2L 7.54 = 12.50 Km/h
  • 1H 5.9 = 15.97 Km/h
  • 3L 3.77 = 25 Km/h
  • 2H 2.9 = 32.5 Km/h
  • 3H 1.45 = 65 Km/h

the reverse speed is unknown as I had nothing on the reverse gear ratio. but it should be close to the first gear high & low. which would give a reverse of around 16 km/h. overall it’s a rather smooth drive which would be much more mobile than the usual AMX 13

The protection of the tank was reviewed, but not necessarily improved. the chassis was mainly redesigned. the armour is not very well known but it’s probably of the same thickness as the usual AMX 13. the chassis offers an improved silhouette and theoretically better protection. the crew include 3 men of which 2 are in the turret. a total of 4 smoke dischargers are placed on the side of the turret.


pamphlet advertising the tank

French defence equipment export catalogue 1984 (advertising the new engine and chassis only)

IDS Janes (serial books from them)

the tank with different part

some online sources

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+1 For a French counterpart to the DF-105.
The FL-15 seems something that everyone knew about but never made a suggestion for.

Now this would’ve been an amazing addition to France when the SK-105 was added, but it still very much so has a place in the french tech tree! +1 from me.

More autoloaders = good
More French native stuff = good
It’s an FL turret = awesome 😎


a quick update for the ammunition. there is a good reason that the
CN-105-G1 was compatible with the OFL 105 G1A which is a better version of the G1

this ammunition give a slight punch buff for this tank

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Replace? No.

Why not both in the tree?


No need to replace, just hide the SK-105A2 in a folder behind the AMX-13 mle 87.


BIG +1, the DF105 counterpart that we’ve been promised years ago, but actually even better!!

eventually, there could be a Swiss or Alpine tech tree.

in the latter case, the SK105A5 and JaPz.K A2 would have to be replaced in the German and French tech trees as they would be hidden from them to add to the Alpine tech tree.

the AMX 13 Mle 1987 will become the most likely alternative for France. while Germany could only get a completely different tank as an alternative. maybe some new version of the Marder or the TH301.

as the game is not yet dying, we should consider the possibility in the next year that a completely new nation could be added. i am no big fan of the addition of sub-tree to nation that absolutely do not need it. Germany, France of UK didn’t need it. BeNeLux and South Africa have the material to have their own tech tree.

That’s a slim “could”.

And even if there were, there’s still zero reason to outright the SK from the French tree.

And the Germany tree one as well.

maybe you lack experience around.
while it’s true there is no indication that points toward the addition of the Swiss or Alpines. but this was the same for Israel, Swedish, and Chinese until 2-3 months before they were added. and in many of those cases, Gaijin confirmed they would not add that nation in the foreseen future.

Switzerland is an interesting nation to add. it has competitive ground forces that can face up with any nation at every rank and include 80% of new unique designs. The Air also offers a lot of unique designs but lacks a bit of material like the original Swedish Air Force. if added, Austria would become the most natural sub-tree as Austria’s native development is from Steyr and Saurrer who are both owned by Switzerland or have a good share from Switzerland. besides the Austrian completely marvelously well the lack that the Swiss have alone.

here is an outdated version of the Alpine tech tree well researched but included a mistake that I know but haven’t corrected yet. there are also about 20-30 new vehicles that could be added. all was built.

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Uh huh…