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Hi guys.

Here is another tank from WW1 i would love to see in War Thunder 1 day. The Schneider CA. :)



The Schneider CA was France first attempt to make a production tank to be sent to combat during the first world war.
The project began when the French army’s engineer technical section wanted to improve Armored cars off road capabilities by building diffirent wheels and tracks.
Some off these Armored cars and tractors were sent to the front to push through barbed wire and other obstacles. However they didnt really have a positive impact on the battlefield.
So the French decided that it was necesary to look at a fully tracked vehicle.
The Schneider company was at the time a very respected armerment company creating guns and ammunition. But also armor plates for ships. And this expertise were to be used to their upcoming tank.
Colonel Estienne understood that having an mobile armored platform on the battlefield that could bring soldiers safely from artillery and machinegun and sniper fire to an enemy trench would require a vehicle simular to what would become the Schneider CA which he would help develop.
The Schneider CA was specifically designed to carry the short 75mm field gun in order to deal with enemy fortifications and machine gun nests in order to push the front.
The tank first saw combat during the Nivelle Offensive but the result was a disaster since the machines got stuck in mud anyway and got destroyed by field guns and artillery.
The Schneider CA had a painfull weakspot were the fualtank in the front was exposed and the german took advangage off that with their field guns and heavy machine guns which gave the Schneider CA the nickname called Mobile Crematoriums. A heavy toll of the Schneider CA was lost during the Nivelle Offensive.
The Schneider CA was Quickly replaced by more advanced tanks such as the FT-17 and the Saint Chamond.


Tank overview and specification

The Tank had a crew of 6 a Driver, Gunner for the 75mm gun 2 Machine gunners, a Comander and a Loader.
The engiene was the Schneider 4 cyl petrol and could deliver 60 hp.
The tank had a top speed of 8 km/h.
The weight off the tank was 13.6 tons.
The amor was 11 mm + 5.5 mm spaced (0.43+0.21 in) acording to tank-encyclopedia
The main gun was the Schneider 75 mm blockhaus gun.

Schneider CA - YouTube

In War Thunder

In War Thunder this tank would require a total rework off rank 1. So in order to make this tank be able to be implamented i have made this concept tree for the Schneider CA to sit in.



“Old Suggestion”
Schneider CA - France - War Thunder - Official Forum

Guys who vote yes: remember that vehicle is a FIRST world war tank WITHOUT ANY anti-tank capacities… His guns are for infantery support
With that vehicles, only france and gb can have tank at this level.


fun tank to play as a shield

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I feel like the up armored Saint Chamond would be a much better addition, more armor a proper anti-tank gun and essentially the same mobility.