Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle (MPCV-Mistral)

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MPCV firing a Mistral Missile from MBDA Missile Systems.


  • The Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle-Mistral is a Very Short Range Air Defense Vehicle or VSHORAD vehicle developed jointly by Rheinmetall Defense, Renault Defense Trucks, Thales, and MBDA. Development began in 2006 with the first vehicle IOC by 2010. In 2011, the first vehicles were delivered to the French Army. The vehicle platform, developed around the Renault Sherpa-3A 4x4, was designed for mobility and light arms/IED protection. The vehicle utilizes a Remote Weapons Turret using both Rheinmetall and Thales electronics that can be implemented on multiple platforms. The gunner utilizes a Rheinmetall Electronics Electro-optical Sight System (EOSS) to locate, track, and engage targets with decreased likelihood of counter-detection due to the lack of a RADAR. Due to this, the vehicle can operate standalone or it can integrate with other missile systems. The EOSS has IR/TV (Thermal) capability as well as a built in laser rangefinder. The turret is highly adaptable, able to adjust its weapon loadout to meet the requirements of the battlefield space. The turret houses 4 ready-to-fire Mistral 2 or 3 Surface-to-Air missiles that have extended ranges and faster overall speed compared to previous models. The missiles on the turret can fold down slightly in a stowed position. Due to the digital Fire Control system, the Mistral 2’s or 3’s can be fired while on the move. The turret can also swap out part of the weapon module to equip 2 ready-to-fire Akeron MP anti-tank guided missiles (on top of the 2 ready-to-fire Mistral missiles), formerly known as the MMP, or Missile Moyenne Portée. The Akeron MP is fully capable of penetrating modern main battle tanks, and is currently being equipped to other platforms such as helicopters. Complimenting this is a self-defense 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun which is fixed with the turret, meaning wherever the missiles are aimed, the heavy machine gun will also be fixed in that direction. This gives the gunner another capability to engage in light vehicles or low flying helicopters. The vehicle has a crew of 3, being the Driver, Commander/Team Leader, and Gunner. The Commander can use Thales communication equipment to communicate between anti-air batteries and is located in the passenger seat. The Gunner is located in the back left seat. In the rear compartment, 4 additional Mistral 2 or 3 missiles are stored and can be loaded manually for a total of 8 missiles. Extra 12.7mm ammunition is also stored here as well. Export customers can also swap the Mistrals for their preference of missiles. This vehicle is currently in service with the French Army, most likely in the 54th Artillery Regiment (w/ 6+ in service) and the Saudi National Guard. Qatar is also a potential customer.
  • MPCV provides air defence units with high mobility, crew protection and high fire power. The system comprises a motorised turret mounted on an armoured vehicle. The turret includes electro-optical sensors, a small calibre gun and four, ready-to-fire Mistral missiles. MPCV’s modular architecture allows the system to be integrated into a coordinated fire control network and to be part of a fully digitised force. The system can be operated from within the vehicle or remotely.” - MBDA Description (Manufacturer)
  • The MPCV-Mistral and MPCV-MMP (Akeron MP) are very similar vehicles, being, they share the same platform as well as most electronics are the same.
  • This platform is primarily equipped with the MISTRAL 3 Surface-to-Air Missile and can also equip 2 ready-to-fire Akeron MP anti-tank guided missiles.

Implementation Reason:

  • With the inclusion of the Type 93, and Ozelot, I bring you the Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle-Mistral (MPCV-Mistral) for the French Ground Forces Tech Tree. This vehicle would sit comfortably around 9.0-10.0, closing the gap between the AMX-30 DCA and the Roland 1 SAM. This vehicle would operate similarly to the Ozelot and Type 93 with its maneuverability and SHORAD capabilities.
  • Due to the fact it has no RADAR, it would be more difficult to detect.
  • With Mistral 2’s and Mistral 3’s, the MPCV-Mistral has a new max range of 6.5 or 7.5km, depending on the missile, allowing it to engage helicopters and jets out of range for most VSHORAD.
  • Not a prototype! It is currently in use with the French military.
  • Fire on the move capability.
  • This variant is focused on the Sherpa 3A platform.
  • Fixed Remote-Turret features adaptable armaments and can also equip 2 ready-to-fire Akeron MP anti-tank guided missiles making the vehicle a true multi-role vehicle.


  • Fixed Remote-Turret (Weapons Rotate Together, cannot turn independently)
    • Depression/Elevation: -10° to +60°
    • Stabilization: Fully Stabilized
    • Surface-to-Air Missiles (4-ready, 4 stowed):
      • Mistral 2
        • Speed: 930m/s (up to 30G’s)
        • Tracking: Fire-and-Forget, IR, All-Aspect
        • Weight: 19.7kg
        • Length: 1.86m
        • Diameter: 90mm
        • Maximum Intercept Range: 6.5km
        • Minimum Intercept Range: 500m
        • Maximum Altitude: 3km
        • Reaction Time: 2 Seconds
        • Notes:
          • Fire on the move or stationary capability!
      • Mistral 3
        • Speed: 930m/s (up to 30G’s)
        • Tracking: Fire-and-Forget, IR, All-Aspect
        • Weight: ~20kg
        • Length: 1.86m
        • Diameter: 90mm
        • Maximum Intercept Range: 7.5km
        • Minimum Intercept Range: 500m
        • Maximum Altitude: 3km
        • Reaction Time: 2 Seconds
        • Notes :
          • Same capabilities as the Mistral 2 but with new imaging infrared seeker, increased range to 7.5km, and high resistance to countermeasures!
            • Better tracking capabilities.
    • Anti-tank Guided Missile:
      • Akeron MP (2-ready, 2 stowed)
        • Tracking: Infrared Homing, Television Guidance (Fire and Forget or Fiber Optic Direct)
        • Weight: 15kg
        • Length: 1.3m
        • Diameter: 140mm
        • Operational Range: 4,000-5,000m
        • Warhead: Tandem HEAT
        • Penetration: ~1,000mm of RHA, ~2,000mm of Concrete
    • Self-Defense 12.7mm HMG
    • Potential weapon loadouts:
      • 4-Mistral, 2-Mistral and 2-Akeron MP, or 4 Akeron MP missiles.


  • Small Arms Protection (Up to 7.62mm)
  • Mine/Shrapnel Resistant
  • STANAG 1/2

Platform Specifications:

  • Length: 5.9m
  • Width: 2.2m
  • Weight: 9.5t
  • Engine: 4-cyl Euro 4 (215hp, 1,200-1,700rpm)
  • Transmission: Allison S2500 (6-Forward, 1-Reverse)
  • Max Speed: 120km/h (on road)

Crew (3x):

  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Commander


  • NVD/Thermals
    • Gunner (Thermals)
    • Driver (NVD)
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • EOSS (No RADAR needed)
  • “Scout” Role





Rear view (from Deagel).


Sherpa 3A platform.


MPCV equipped with both Mistral and Akeron MP missiles.


MPCV-Mistral maneuvering.


Magazine Article.


Mistral Missile up-close.


54 Régiment d’Artillerie insignia, French Army.

Video describing capabilities however, mounted on a different platforms (including Sherpa 3A).

Romanian engagement utilizing a Mistral 3 Missile.


Could be nice as a 9.7 spaa

would be even cooler if you could fixe the max Gs of mistrals, a guys gave a lot of clue for years and nothing change, and give the mistral 3 to the tigre

Would be too strong at 9.7, especially with the Mistral 3 and MMP combo