AMX 13 Mle 1958, want to enlarge your barrel?

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caid’s suggestion #117

I want to suggest the AMX 13 model 1958

The AMX 13 mle 1958 was an AMX 13 mounting the FL-12 turret. the FL-12 turret was an improved FL-10 with a Much larger gun with priority control for the commander. it might not be obvious in the picture, which is part of the beauty of this tank, but the tank does not carry a normal 75mm gun like the regular AMX 13 from 1951; the instant it carries a 105mm D1504 L/44 gun which fires the 105 OCC F1 as used in the AMX 30. from the outside it looks almost identical to the AMX 13. a few models was marketed but for the need of making it visually different, I would suggest adding this version with the side-skirt

this tank is an export version of the AMX 13 which saw some success in the 60s. the Dutch notably bought many of them but I would like to focus on the French version and not the Dutch. The Dutch bring a few modifications to their version.

the AMX 13 Mle 1958 was marketed from 1958 to the late 60s. the turret been produced until 1984 and there was always the possibility to upgrade the AMX 13 to Mle 1958 standard. the AMX 13 mle 58 was used by the French army mainly as a testbed for the development of the 105 OCC F1 for the AMX 30.

the main armament is the 105mm CN-105-57 also known in the factory designation of D1504 L/44. this gun fire exclusively the OCC 105 F1 which was called T59 back in 1961. and the OE 105 F1 Mle.60. Sadly there are no Kenitic rounds. in terms of firepower, this tank would pack more punch than the AMX 13-90. the turret has an elevation of -6 to +13° which is not great but still allows it to work. the turret can turn on 360° at the speed of 30°/sec. the tank comes with an automatic loader with 12 rounds ready to use. 20 additional rounds are stored in the tank for a total of 32 rounds. a coaxial LMG is also installed next to the gun. this turret comes with a full commander priority which allows him to turn, aim, and fire the gun at will.

the tank is just a bit heavier than the AMX 13 of 1951. with 14.8 tonnes instead of 14.7. this would barely affect the mobility of this tank which is still pretty good for his rank. the tank is powered by a SOFAM Model 8Gxb 8-cylinder water-cooled petrol engine providing up to 270 hp at 3300 rpm.
the gearbox provides 5 forward and 1 reverse speed. the gear max speed goes as follows

  • 1st: 7.12 km/h
  • 2nd: 15.77 km/h
  • 3rd: 26.76 km/h
  • 4th: 42.40 km/h
  • 5th: 60.72 km/h
  • reverse: 6.78 km/h

the top speed is 60.72 km/h which can be rounded up to 61 km/h or 60 km/h. the tank has a power-weight ratio of 18.24 which is one of the worst power-weights of the AMX 13’s family. but it remains fairly good compared to other tanks.

The tank protection will not be much different than the other AMX 13. the tank has the same thickness as the AMX 13 on every part, including the turret which has the same specification as the FL-10. the only notable difference is the addition of a side skirt which will barely give more protection. the front of the tank is fairly well protected with 40mm of armor and well well-sloped. the engine on the front tends to eat the rounds which often saves the crew. the turret includes 2 men who both have full control of the turret. a 3rd man, the driver, is placed in the front left of the hull. 4 smoke dischargers are placed on the side of the turret. the tank has a fairly low profile but the long roach-like antenna will often give away the position of the tank.


Manuel AMX 13 mle 1951 (for the chassis's performance)

FL 12 turret


Psst, hey man wanna buy barrel-enlargement pills?


But it should definitely be Dutch for the youknowitscoming Benelux ground sub-tree.



you know, there is a moment when you are dating a beautiful girl
and one evening, you bring her to the hangar to impress her and show her your tanks.
and in the moment of intimacy, you show her the barrel and turns out she just giggles when she sees the 75mm of your AMX 13
she tells you her British ex had an 84mm
The American ex had a 90mm
and her Russian ex had a huge 100mm.
so it hit your pride and just go enlarge your barrel to 105mm


I am not against the Dutch to get this tank
but the Dutch had a slightly different version

it had no side-skirt (removed soon after reception) the roof machine gun was always installed and they had a huge external radio on the side of the turret.

i am 100% against the Dutch or the BeNeLux in general to be added to France, I believe they deserve a tech tree on their own. for this reason, I would rather have the French export version added to France than the Dutch one which is slightly different.

Argentina too used the AMX 13-105 which was a lot similar to this tank but with slight modification

the AMX 13 mle 1958 was used for marketing, the first few records appear in 1961 where it was used to develop the OCC 105 F1 and sell the tank simultaneously. just like these documents show

there are 2-3 full documents like this that show the AMX 13 mle 1958 was used as a testbed to develop the Europanzer gun, leading to the AMX 30. it’s also why the round in the video and the documents is Labled as T59, it was still not officially adopted by the French army.

Finally a FL-12 suggestion! I love it! Either the Export or the Dutch one (or both ;) , as that would be possible now that BeNeLux are subnation(s) of France).

I would suggest a modification on the vehicle that would remove the side-skirts and add the machine-gun and any other Dutch modifications. An unlockable Dutch skin would pair well with this suggestion.

or let the Dutch have their own tech tree with their own version

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An independent BeNeLux tech tree is indeed a most favourable outcome instead of what’s now planned.

adding this tank in the French tech tree under the French export version first would allow France to keep the tank in the eventuality Benelux (or the Dutch) get their own tech tree and get remove from France
and based on this tank, with a bunch of small modifications would ease the addition of the Dutch version with a low cost in modelization and a lot of time saved.

Well, sadly that Snail has already slithered away.

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lo bro that is so funny

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the Snail did the same for the Italians and Hungarians who were the first sub-tree of Germany.
and the Snail did change their mind at the edge of the implementation of a terrible idea or soon after having changed some critical part of the game after a few days it was added.

it would not be the first time Gaijin changed their mind. and the addition of the BeNeLux is a huge missed opportunity that Neither the BeNeLux supporters or the French community wanted or needed.
adding a full sub-tree that has the material to have its tech tree to a country who have a lot to offer and turns out to only add 1 new plane and 10 copy-paste that France didn’t need is a really lazy move.

France has over 300 unique vehicles still to be added on the ground alone, why would it need to add 200 more? it gives it nothing but to make it look like more German and American