M113 TS 90, A boxy Tank destroyer

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caid’s suggestion #103

I would like to suggest an up-gunned version of the M113 the M113 TS 90

The M113A2 TS 90 was developed by GIAT industry with the agreement from FMC to develop a tank destroyer based on the M113 mounting the French TS 90 turret. created in the 80s, France and the USA tried possibly mounting the TS 90 turret. FMC who was building the M113 agreed to build a brand new tank with the TS 90 if orders were coming up for this tank. in exchange, Giat was allowed to build the turret for the existing M113 as an upgrade package and would provide FMC with the turret if there was a production for this tank. there were 75,000 M113 in service in 50 countries around the world in this time, Giat producing only 200 TS 90 turrets was convinced the turret was a good improvement over the previous turret and sought to export it to other countries. The M113 TS 90 was presented in Satory 1985 as a tank destroyer and wanted to be a cheap alternative to the real tanks while using a very cheap chassis as a base. these vehicles offer the mix of good firepower on a chassis that was likely already used by the potential country that would buy it. the M113 chassis was nearly left untouched, meaning most of the repair would be done with regular M113 parts. however, this vehicle didn’t find any customers and was a failed export venture from France.

Mounting a TS 90 turret, the M113 became more of a light tank or IFV than an APC. The turret equipped with a 90mm F4 gun capable of firing APFSDS, HEATFS, HE and Smoke rounds, allowing it to fight against MBT. the gun having an elevation and depression of -8°/15° would give a decent vertical fire arc to fight ground target. the turret has a manual transverse giving about 24° sec rotation . the gun (and whole turret) currently ingame gives most of the rounds it can use. the APFSDS can penetrate 270-230mm at combat distance and the HEATFS can penetrate 320mm of armor. the tank carry probably 30 rounds or more, with at least 16 rounds in the turret. a coxial 7.62mm LMG is installed next to the gun with 4000 rounds .


the prototype was using the M113A2 chassis who had a improved suspension and cooling enhancements and also the Diesel engine of the M113A1.

powered by a 6V-53 Detroit Diesel engine 215 hp engine , and the weight estimated to 14.000 kg (11.155 for the chassis without armament, 2,390 kg for the turret with ready-to-use rounds + about 500 kg of additional rounds) this allows a power-weight of 15.35 hp/ton and a top speed of 67.6 km/h . the tank is completely amphibious but moves in the water with the track making it pretty slow. a mare 5.8 km/h in the water . it makes from 0 to 32 km/h in 11.0 sec (without the turret) . can break completely in 12 meters or less. can cross 1.66 m trench and turn in a 4.26 meters radius

it has a 3-speed automatic gearbox and steering differential.

note that all those mobility performances are taken from the M113A2, which normally has a light 12.7mm and weighs about 60kg (with the pod). this tank has a 2.390 kg turret making a lot of difference in the mobility performance.

the chassis built in Aluminium alloy 5083 , offers a balance between lightness and protection. the front armor has been 38mm at the front with a good angle of 45° at the upper part and 25° at the lower part. the side is completely flat but has 44mm at the side . the rear have 38mm with a 10° angle. the roof is 38mm as well. this allows overall protection against LMG and HMG but shouldn’t be resisting well to auto-cannon or any guns.

the turret is made of steel and is 15mm thick at the front , 12mm at the side and 10mm at the rear

The crew of 3** consists of a driver at the front left and a gunner and commander under the turret. 4x smoke discharger are placed at the rear corner of the turret





+1! So many funky M113 variants out there, I’m sure you could basically make an entire tree out of them


+1 The ideal battlepass/event vehicle. Something whacky and interesting, but something you won’t really be sad about if you miss it.


hope it will get a red firefighter skin