AMX 13 S533 - Easy to implement radarless SPAA

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(Chars de France, ETAI)

The AMX 13 is a very versatile platform. It was turned many times into a SPAA. Here’s one of them that didn’t go further than being exposed at one of the Satory exhibits.

The AMX 13 S533 is an attempt at making the S530A turret a bit better by replacing the M621 (20x102) by the more potent HS820 (20x139). Else the turret is virtually unchanged.

The M693 gun firing the same ammo as the HS820 gun (FINABEL requirement) is already present on the X30B2,X32s (01 and 120), and X40(P4). you have a selection of OPT(AP-T)/OPIT (API-T)/OPTSOC (APDS-T) /OEI (HEI)/OEIT (HEI-T)/RIA (SAPHEI) rounds.

Firing arc you have a nice 360° traverse at 90°/s with an elevation of -10/+80° at 50°/s enabling you to quickly dispatch of anything.

The sight is a x1-x6 (FoV 10°) M411 sight.

Weight wise we have to do a bit of math.

An AMX 13 FL11 is 12.75t (with ammo). The turret itself is 3.1t. Hence the AMX 13 chassis is about 9.65t itself. A S530 series turret is 1.7t. Therefore this specific AMX 13 is about 11.35t.

While history of the vehicle is a bit unknown, it is unlikely the engine was changed just for this specific mount given it is lighter and take less space than the FL turrets. Hence the SOFAM 239hp and the transmission with a max of 60km/h stay the same. However the 239hp now propel a few tons less, making the HP/T ratio of 21.05.

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+1. A big Yes! France has been fighting for 7 years with only 3 DCAs on 5 rows. It’s incomprehensible that gaijin and so long ignored French flak. There’s plenty of choice on the French side, but is there enough desire on the Gaijin side? I’m afraid not.

In any case, I support this proposal. Which I hope will not be ignored.


Do you know the number of strokes per minute? Is it as slow as the DCA 40? Or more like the AMX30 DCA?

1000rpm assuming you’re asking about firerate

We need something with a bit more hefty firepower than the old AMX 13 DCA.

On this specific model of the turret (S533) it’s the same 20mm guns as the AMX 30’s coax

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I’m totally up for that, it would help France with having something else than bofors to protect the skies (as it’s most likely be between 3.7-5.0 depending how Gaijin would balance it).

Big +1 on this one, need more French SPAA

Just like @panzerknoef said, we badly need more SPAA. +1

The second picture

is not of the S.533. That is clearly the S.401.

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Yes please, bang it at 7.3 and see how it goes

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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