AMC 34 APX 2, smaller but more powerful gun

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​caid’s suggestion #2


I would like to (re) suggest an interesting light tank, the AMC 34 APX 2


the AMC 34 APX 2 was a sister variant of the AMC 34 APX 1 found in the game under the name of AMC 34 YR. The tank was based on the AMC 34 chassis and was found unsatisfactory for the French army. coming from a requirement of 1931 and based on the Renault VO. The AMC 34 was designed to serve the French cavalry. the tank was balancing Agility, Protection and firepower at a pretty decent level. intended to be used as the main combat tank, the AMC 34 was capable of carrying many standard turrets in service in the French army during the mid-30s. it was put into service for the French Cavalry for a very short time as it was soon replaced by the better AMC 35. Only 12 tanks were built and it was without turret.

if for a short time, they had been refitted with a Berliet turret from the Renault FT. The 12 tanks were later refitted with a more modern turret. the first 6 were refitted with an APX-1 turret from the AC.3 in 1937, this was just after the AC.3 was refitted with the better APX-1ce turret with more firepower. the other 6 tanks were refitted with the APX-2 turret which was capable of being armed with either the 25mm or the 47mm, both SA35. the APX 2 turret was mounted on the AMC 34 in 1938. back then those tanks were sent to north Africa to be used as training tanks and for colonial duty. in the colony, it was the most advanced tank available and the tank that showed the best-balanced performance in the region and fielded by the French army (the other being the Char D1 which was carrying a lot less anti-tank capacity) but shortly after the APX-2 turret was mounted, the H-39 was arriving in north Africa, making the AMC 34 obsolete. in late 1938 all AMC 34 was ordered to be scrapped to reduce the maintenance need. 3 of them were retained in services despite the order to scrap them until 1940. those 3 tanks were used as training tanks. the 9 others didn’t show in the inventory made by the Germans in 1940 which suggests they were scrapped. their parts were likely used to keep the last 3 into service a little more.



Armed with the 25mm SA35, the AMC 34 APX 2 will feature a quite decent anti-tank capacity, but a relatively low post-penetration damage. the gun is pretty accurate, has a good range and also has a good fire rate, it will be capable of fighting about any tank it would meet from Rank 1 and even those from Rank 2 even if at Rank 2, the targets will be very challenging. the gun fires ordinary (AP) steel rounds for the general purpose, but also has capped armour piercing for the harder targets. the turret a 2 men’s turret was intended to be featured mainly on the Colonial tank. the ammo load is unknown but very likely to carry at least 80 rounds as the APX 1 version with a 47mm carry 76 rounds. the elevation is also unknown but the AMC 35 featured the same turret and had a larger 47mm, so the gun should have at least the same elevation if not better. the AMC 35 have an elevation of -12°/+14° which is not the best but also not bad at all. a coaxial 7.5mm MAC was placed new to the gun.



Strictly speaking, the Mobility of this tank will be average if you compare it to the other low-rank vehicles found in the other nation. but for the French vehicles, this tank had outstanding mobility. capable of a speed of 40 km/h on the road, it would feel rather flexible in all terrain. the engine providing 120 hp and a weight of 9.7 tonnes will give a great power/weight ratio which makes it good in acceleration and on soft ground. oddly enough, one of the main reasons the vehicle was refused large-scale services was the weight being too heavy. sure enough, it was intended to be around 6 tonnes, but as a matter of fact, 9.7 tonnes remain pretty light. the tank would barely feel his weight.



The armour of this tank was not his best feature as in 1934, the French army decided to significantly raise their requirement of the armour of their tanks. but in comparison to the other vehicles in the game, the AMC 34 will not be weakly protected. with a hull offering 20mm on the front and 18mm on the side, and the turret having 25mm all around, the tank will still show decent protection capable of taking the 12.7mm hit at the usual combat distance. which is not bad for a rank 1 vehicle. the crew of 3 men remain a bit small but still is better than most French tanks of rank 1.


Les Véhicules Blindés Français, 1900-1944


would make for very nice reserve tier tank, plz Gaijin!


YES AGAIN i’ve already two skin ready for ma boiiiii please add it, a easy and rather usefull/playable french rank 1 tank, even for beginner

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The French 25mm is a great gun, and this would be an excellent reserve tank! +1

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Is that gun not smaller then the 30mm unless the 25mm has higher pen.

it’s the same gun as the AMD 35, which is one of the best french early vehicles due to the gun been very accurate, fast to reload and punchy (along with good mobility)

The French early rank has 3 main issues

  1. lack of mobility (most do not even reach 30 mk/h)
  2. Small crew (many have only 2 men)
  3. lack of penetration (they only get up to 45-50 mm at short distances and some can’t even get to 30mm)

this tank offers a mild improvement of all that while reducing armour to a thickness that is still better than many reserve vehicles.

it has 40 km/h of speed which is a pretty decent mobility
a crew of 3 men which is already better than the light tanks series
a gun that can punch 60-65mm of armour with a quick reload
20-25mm of armour all over which is better than most reserve
and a small size which is always nice

for a new player, this tank is perfect. it would be easy to play, offer a good balance of performance and nothing too good to piss off the other players.


the most important it would be easy for the developers to add. you just need the part of 3 vehicles that is already in the game and can be fit together

AMC 34’s hull
AMC 35’s turret
AMD 35’s guns

the only things they will have to do it the coding and the modelization of the ammo storage and placement of the crew


there’s no reason for it not being into the game already. France lacks heavily on the AT capability, and the 25mm is very good at it, despite lacking post pen damage.

+1 yes please, this thing would be a blast to play!

+1, foldered with the AMD.35. I love the design.


I’d just remove the AMC.34 YR from the game and replace it with this.

Similar thing should be done with the H 35 and FCM 36, they should be replaced with H 35 (SA38) and FCM 36 (SA 38).

i could had been an option

Yes please, France desperately needs viable rank 1 machines

I agree, in game we are missing some armored car / early tank destroyer that could be fun at BR 1

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