AML-20 Eclairage

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Im here to suggest a specific version of the AML

(has not been suggested according to the list)

The AML-20 Milan Scout car

This vehicle would bring the autocannon + ATGM combo in the french tree with weapons that are already ingame as well as being economical for Gaijin to make (only the turret needs to be made, the ATGM launcher, canon barrel as well as chassis are all already modelled, no need to model the binoculars though)


The AML in its many variants served in many countries. Just like every company, Panhard continuously made changes to follow the market trends and sell its vehicle.

First created in the end of the 1950’s the AutoMitrailleuse Légère was meant to replace the aging Daimler Ferret of the french army starting 1960. Over the years of its career it recieved different turrets and modifications to fit the need of the clients, especially its main client the french army. The main variants are the AML-60 and AML-90 each with subvariants on their own

IN 1983, Panhard revamped its AML line of vehicle for export. Multiple models came out including the one we are interested in : the AML-20 Scout car (yes Scout car was not part of its name before).

The company equipped the old chassis with a new engine : the Peugeot XD3T, a 2.5l turbocharged 95hp engine. (France did not use the 20mm one but it used this engine to upgrade its own AML 90)

Panhard created a new (unnamed) two-man turret (but somewhat bearing a strong resemblance to the H60/20 Serval) and equipped it with a 20mm M693 autocannon, a coaxial 7.62 machinegun as well as two smoke launchers. Two modular pintle mounts are placed on both sides pf the turret to enable the mounting of either a pair of binoculars or a MILAN atgm launcher.

As far as i could find it was still offered in 1985.

Armament :

M693 (20F2) 20mm canon (in-game on AMX 30 and on Ratel 20 as Denel GI-2) using

OPT SOC (Obus Perforant Traceur SOus Calibré) (APDS-T) round (1293 m/s, 20mm at 850m at 60°)

and OET (Obus Explosif Traceur) (HE-T) round (1038 m/s)

1050 rounds

Since it uses the same gun as the FL20 turret, i am using it for reference for the ammunition


Coaxial is an unspecified 7.62mm machine gun, probably an AANF1, it is in game

2000 rounds

Both have a +45°/-8° elevation/depression and the turret traverse is a full 360°. Everything is manual so no stab or anything fancy

MILAN ATGW launcher

Given it was offered up until 1985, both the 1972 Milan 1 and the 1984 Milan 2 can fit

It can technically be mounted on either pintle mount but was only mounted on the right one

MILAN Storage is seen on the turret side baskets. 4 per sides + 1 loaded = 5. More may be stored inside.

MILAN 1 : 200m/s , 103mm HEAT warhead with a 550mm penetration at 0°. SACLOS Guidance, wire based. 2000m

MILAN 2 : 200m/s , 115mm HEAT warhead with a 730mm penetration at 0°. SACLOS Guidance, wire based. 2000m



The chassis is that of the classic AML , the armour has not changed, it is still a whooping 12mm max.

ITt was upgraded with a Peugeot XD3T diesel engine (95hp). The combat weight ( vehicle basic weight, weapons weight, crew, ammunition) is 5400kg and an empty weight of 4600kg.

With this data we can calculate its hp/t ratio. 95/5.4 = 17.6 hp/t

A bit blurry but one can see the launcher either here or on the very first picture

More pictures


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Source :


AML-20 Milan (Jane’s armour 1985)
AML from Jane’s Light Tanks and Armoured Cars
Interavia IDR 1983

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A cool French R3! +1

Yes please, more wheeled vehicles for the french ground tech tree!

I would absolutely love to see this in game, hope it comes soon!