AML 90 Revalorisé - Old dog, new tricks

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In the 1990s the AML was already a 40 years old. A lot of things had changed, engines were more efficient, HEAT-FS was not the alpha and omega of tanks anymore and passive NVDs were a thing that even the common solider could carry. However the AML was still in service in many countries around the world. These countries usually did not have the money to buy the ERC or to completely change the turret from the CNMP H90 to the CNMP H90 Lynx. To remedy to all these problems, Panhard developed an upgrade kit that would bring the traditional AML back to a more modern standard. The upgrade focused on 3 main points : mobility, firepower, and detection. The more efficient diesel Peugeot XD3T (95hp) replaced the older 4HD engine (85hp). The engine housing had to be changed to mount the new engine. However more power (and more readily available spare parts) came at a cost, the vehicle gained 400kg. The M645 APFSDS round was developed by MECAR (then part of GIAT holdings, now part of NEXTER Arrowtech) for the 90F1/D921 gun and is part of the upgrade package, with a penetration of 70mm at 60° at 1300m while fired at 1050m/s allowing for a flat trajectory. The optic were changed to include an external LLTV camera and a laser rangefinder is mounted externally. All these upgrade bridge the gap between the AML 90 and the 90 Lynx equipped AMLs and ERCs (and VBCs and RPX, though these two never got sold unlike the first two)

New equipment :

LLTV + LRF visible from the front, Engine change visible from the back of the vehicle

Note : unlike the Lynx, the cupola stayed the same with its recessed episcope and rounded hatch

Reveal hidden contents

Quick Overview :

AML 90 Upgrade kit

Weight : 5.9t

Engine : 95hp (liquid cooled)

Power-2-Weight : 16.10 hp/t (for reference older AML are at 15.45 hp/t)

Gun : 90mm D921/90F1 gun

Ammunition :

OCC 90-62 (same as old AML),

OE 90 F1 (same as old AML),

NEW : M645 (aka OFL 90 G1) APFSDS-T (tungsten, long rod) 70mm at 60° at 1300m,

NEW : M664 APFSDS-T (technically a training round, steel, long rod) unknown pen

Gunner scope : unchanged, addition of a LLTV camera, LRF available

Smoke grenades : same as old AML

Sources :


Jane’s Armoured Fighting Vehicle Retrofit Systems 1993 94, p.223


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Jane’s Ammunition Handbook + JDW 1990/08, p163 +

Shell on display



Displayed with AML


AML-90’s 8.0 br cool brother. +1

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Would be exciting and fun! Please Gaijin don’t make this premium… +1

Small update with
APFSDS proof. Now the first pic showcases the AML with its dedicated APFSDS round

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