Quadritube de 20mm Flak 38 Vierling sur GMC 6x6 CCKW - WhirbelWheels

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This vehicle was built just after the end of WW2 as the requirement for SPAA was urgent in case of Soviet aggression. France needed to have ready to use vehicles to be able to sustain itself even if shortly. Hence ready to use vehicles with ready to use parts were the preferred choice. On the 17th of June 1946 the EMA (HQ) asked the STA (Testing and prototyping division) to study a new close air-defense self-propelled gun, the prototype came out early in 1947 and and order of 35 vehicles was made the 13th march 1947.

With the falling of the 3rd reich, a lot of more or less working material was left all over France, tanks, truck, rifles, artillery,etc. Among these a dozen of working quad mounts 2 cm Flakvierling 38 but France had little close air-support gun aside from the M16 GMCs used by France during WW2 and the 40mm Bofors. The 20mm Flak 38 was a much more effective gun against closer ranges and the quad mount it offer a much better volume of fire while still retaining ground mobility.

Tests were conducted in early 1947 showed the Vierling was having excellent mobility and good firepower. No surprise as the truck as well and the turret were well appreciated during WW2 (even if on opposite sides). A further 35 of them were built.

Mass Est. 10 tons
Length 6.86 m
Width 2.24 m
Height 2.36 m to cab / 2.77 m overall
Crew probably 4 (driver, co-driver/mechanic, commander-loader, gunner)
Armor : 7mm gunshield like the Flakpanzer 38
Main armament 4x 20mm Flak 38
Secondary armament M1 Garand rifle
Engine GMC 270 straight-6
104 hp (78 kW) at 2,750 rpm
Power/weight ratio : 10Hp/t
Transmission 5 spd x 2 range
Maximum speed 72 km/h

June 1946 order to build Flak 38 on GMC, more 40mm on GMC and 37mm flak on GMC

(Les Vehicules Blindes Francais 1945-1977) page 185




Hey nice, +1 ofc, I remember seeing other pictures of it somewhere. Nevermind it was from the French made system mounted on the same truck and suggested by Panzerknoef.


France needs more spaas, +1

+1 good and easy to implement spaa for France, I’m all for it!

Love it! France really needs anti-air vehicles. +1

+1 would be a quirky premium SPAA.

35 produced does lean it toward being TT, would be good to know where they were issued or deployed if at all.