Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle-MMP (MPCV-MMP)

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  • The Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle-Akeron MP is an ATGM vehicle developed jointly by Rheinmetall Defense, Renault Defense Trucks, Nexter, and MBDA. Studies began in 2012 with the successful deployment of the MPCV-Mistral platform. The vehicle platform, developed around the Renault Sherpa-3A 4x4, was designed for mobility and light arms/IED protection. The vehicle utilizes a Remote Weapons Turret using both Rheinmetall and Thales electronics that can be implemented on multiple platforms. The gunner utilizes a Rheinmetall Electronics Electro-optical Sight System (EOSS) fiber optic system allowing full control over ATGM capability. This system originates from the MPCV-Mistral vehicle which has been tailored to accept the Akeron MP, a fifth generation French ATGM. The EOSS has IR/TV (Thermal) capability as well as a built in laser rangefinder. The turret houses 4 ready-to-fire Akeron MP Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) that have the capability to direct fire, or fire w/o Line of Sight. The missiles on the turret can fold down slightly in a stowed position. Complimenting this is a self-defense 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun which is fixed with the turret, meaning wherever the missiles are aimed, the heavy machine gun will also be fixed in that direction. This gives the gunner another capability to engage in light vehicles or low flying helicopters. The vehicle has a crew of 3, being the Driver, Commander/Team Leader, and Gunner. The Gunner is located in the back seat while the Commander is located in the Passenger seat. In the rear compartment, 4 additional Akeron MP ATGM’s are stored and can be loaded manually for a total of 8 missiles. Extra 12.7mm ammunition is also stored here as well. This vehicle is currently in trials for the French Army with the first test firing of the platform in February 2015.
  • MPCV is the latest generation of high firepower weapon system specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of modern combat in both complex urban and open battlefield environments. Already well established in its MPCV/Mistral air defence version deploying the Mistral VSHORAD missile, MPCV/MMP is also available and features MBDA’s fifth generation, land combat MMP missile.” - MBDA
  • The MPCV-Mistral and MPCV-MMP are very similar vehicles, being, they share the same platform as well as most electronics are the same.

Implementation Reason:

  • The MPCV-MMP would be a solid addition to the French Ground Forces tree, following any inclusion of the VCAC Mephisto, which in-turn would follow the AMX-13 HOT. The MPCV-MMP uses the Akeron MP which is very similar to how the 2077 Tank Event missiles are used. The Missile can be controlled or can be used in a fire-and-forget fashion. This is an advanced platform and would sit at a higher BR around 10.0+ due to not even being within Line of Sight for potential targets.
  • Would be the ultimate artillery/sniper platform.
  • Thermals and laser rangefinder, can perform scouting.
  • Being trialed for the French Army with future implementation.
  • Akeron MP opens the door for EBRC Jaguar or similar vehicles for French tree.


  • Fixed Remote-Turret (Weapons Rotate Together, cannot turn independently)
    • Depression/Elevation: -10° to +60°
    • Stabilization: Fully Stabilized
    • Akeron MP (4-ready, 4 stowed)
      • Tracking: Infrared Homing, Television Guidance (Fire and Forget or Fiber Optic Direct)
      • Weight: 15kg
      • Length: 1.3m
      • Diameter: 140mm
      • Operational Range: 4,000-5,000m
      • Warhead: Tandem HEAT
      • Penetration: ~1,000mm of RHA, ~2,000mm of Concrete
      • Self-Defense 12.7mm HMG


  • Small Arms Protection (Up to 12.7mm/7.62mm)
  • Mine/Shrapnel Resistant
  • STANAG 1/2

Platform Specifications:

  • Length: 5.9m
  • Width: 2.2m
  • Weight: 9.5t
  • Engine: 4-cyl Euro 4 (215hp, 1,200-1,700rpm)
  • Transmission: Allison S2500 (6-Forward, 1-Reverse)
  • Max Speed: 120km/h (on road)

Crew (3x):

  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Commander


  • NVD/Thermals
    • Gunner (Thermals)
    • Driver (NVD)
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • “Scout” Role





Turret closeup. Note the fixed gun.


Akeron MP Characteristics.

Video describing capabilities of the MPCV-MMP platform.

Video showing the capability to redirect fire of the Akeron MP ATGM.


Looks fun, although i would hope they would fix FnF atgms first