AML Lynx - Old French Mountain Cat with new tricks

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(Bushes not included with vehicle)

The AML Lynx is a further upgrade of the old reliable AML platform by adding a new engine and a new modernized turret ( the Hispano-Suiza/CNMP Lynx) replacing the old Hispano-Suiza H90 turret. This specific version was in service the 27 mountain infantry division (27 DIM) of the french army.

So what’s different with this AML ? First the very obvious SIGHT (well at least its protection is) on front of the turret.
See example (left : Mexican ERC 90 Lynx) :

The Lynx turret adds a fresh breath of modernity to an otherwise rugged 1950 turret.
The sight is replaced with a TJN2.90 allowing for day AND night use (LLTV) of the AML, a laser rangefinder, electric drive allowing up to 36°/s of turn rate ( 6 t/min) and a slightly better commander’s cupola. The gun is now able to reach up to +35° of elevation.

The gun stayed the same which allowed for the same range of ammunition to be used, therefore the OCC 90-62 is still your main round. (Note there was a 90mm APFSDS round developed for the AML, see AML 90 Revalorisé )

Furthermore, the engine has been swapped for a Peugeot XD-3T with 95hp.

Overall, the AML 90 Lynx offers a serious upgrade over the old 1950’s AML while keeping a similar weight/power ration thanks to the engine upgrade.

Recap :

AML Lynx
95 hp
90mm D921 gun with HEAT-FS and HE
7,62 coax
7,62 as AA defense
Smoke grenades

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Very nice idea. +1

Yes Plz!!!

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technically it can fire apdsfs ofl g1 (mecar m645), but it was never equipped on it. I’d also love to see the erc90 f1 lynx, that would be basically an erc90 with this turret.